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L-Shaped Sofa

At Urbanwood luxury L-Shaped Sofas are built from the Best quality materials and made here in India. With skill and care, we blend traditional Indian hand craftsmanship with current furniture fabricating strategies. Each and Every L-Shaped Sofas, Corner Sofas, Fabric Sofas for living room furniture. Our build is designed from the earliest starting point to withstand the trial of time and keep up its solace for quite a long time to come. The result is unparalleled handcrafted upholstery to fit almost any need. Say something in your living room with one of our comfortable sofas.
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Comfort For Your Living Room L shaped sofas Online

A sectional sofa or an L-shaped sofa can make an incredible expansion to your living room dependent on your requirements. Here is a portion of the advantages of picking a sofa set for your home rather than a regular 5 seater sofa set.

Picked right, a sectional sofa might be the only seating you requirement for your living room. Explore a wide range of classic and contemporary l shaped sofa designs in a scope of colours and materials, and request one that is perfect for your living room.

They spare space: Due to their shape, L-shaped sofa sets utilize even corners to give you additional seating, while still sparing space. This is especially useful on the off chance that you will, in general, engage a lot, yet your room isn't large enough for a traditional 3 seater sofa set.

They are practical: While L-shaped sofa sets are more costly than 3-seater sofas, they are still savvier than buying sofa sets. So you get a similar number of seats, at a lower cost.

They are customizable: L-shaped sofa sets give you more opportunities with designing your room. You can pick the alignment of the chaise relying upon the layout of your room. What's more, on the off chance that you need additional seats, you can add on a hassock or a pouffe.

Corner Sofas: An Inviting Corner Comeliness for Your Home Interiors

A corner sofa is basically a classy lounger for your loved ones to sit and trade discussions, laughter and that's just the beginning. From the left arm to the right arm corner sofa, we have tailor-made items to fit perfectly into the living room of any layout. Thus, appreciate the fellowship by getting the best and most wonderful stylish L Shaped corner sofa sets available online in our store.

Our items gain their durability and fabulous strength from the solid wood furniture, for example, Sheesham wood utilized really taking shape. Every one of the corner sofas is available online in beautiful fabric colors and prints. With this, the wooden edge of the sofa is available in glossy, appealing completions, for example, mahogany, teak, walnut, and nectar.

In this way, get your hands on the fabulous corner sofa designs we have above to bring to the table for you and tweak it as per your style, inclination, and taste!

Corner Sofa To Suit All Your Living Room Sofas Needs

Who doesn't love loosening up on a plush comfortable sofa toward the finish of a tiring day? The blissful solace of relaxing on a comfortable sofa is unbeatable! At Urbanwood, we pay attention to the idea of solace so we see that it is so essential to pick the correct sofa for your lifestyle needs. We suggest a stylish corner sofa for your home that will fit seamlessly inside the four walls of your living room. Ideal for small spaces, a corner sofa set is all you have to elevate the style remainder of your home.

Corner Sofa Sets

An elegant corner sofa is perhaps the best interest in the world of furniture designs. An extraordinary corner sofa set design can be a wonderful expansion to your living room with its space-sparing qualities and versatile designs.

Best Quality L-Shaped Sofa Designs at Urbanwood Furniture

Our living rooms are truly the core of our homes! We engage our loved ones, relax before our wooden TV units, and go through hours covered on our living room sofas. The anchor bit of our living rooms, the quintessential sofa set plays a significant role in deciding the overall stylistic layout of the living room space.

Corner sofa design shifts from minimalistic to elaborate designs relying upon the stylistic layout subject of the home. At Urbanwood, corner sofa set designs cost isn't simply appealing however they are also molded with a solid accentuation on quality. Look at our splendid collection of the latest corner sofa designs that will rouse you with innovative thoughts for your home style.

On the off chance that you live in a condo, space limitations necessitate that you get innovative with your furniture. Ideal for small spaces, a corner sofa is the correct piece of furniture to make a welcoming atmosphere in your living room. Consider the following sorts of corner sofa ideal for your home.

Wooden Corner Sofas Durability

Wooden furniture online has loved the world over for its durable, low support, and timeless qualities. Corner wooden sofa set designs are ideal for individuals who incline toward natural material over fake in their furniture pieces. With its natural look, a wooden corner sofa will undoubtedly draw a lot of consideration and compliments. Urbanwood's collection of wooden corner sofa set and wooden eating table sets can change your living room to embody appeal and elegance. Anyway, what are you sitting tight for? Feel free to make your #1 wooden corner sofa design the highlight of your home.

Fabric Corner Sofa comfort with style

A fabric sofas is one of the most widely-utilized sofas in the realm of furniture. With Urbanwood's catalog of contemporary corner sofas, the living room can truly look great at a reasonable corner sofa set cost. We trust you love it as much as we do!

Why Choose Urbanwood?

By giving the changed reach in corner sofas online, Urbanwood Furnitures offers a portion of the extraordinary advantages. See:

Best Quality Solid Wood Furniture: For the durability of our items, we use Sheesham wood and Mango wood in making our items. Also, the completion choices that we give in this are nectar, walnut, and teak.

Quality Fabric: We also give various sorts of fabric alternatives in corner sofa sets online which include linen, velvet, leatherette, and Cotton.

Customization Furniture Online: We, at Urbanwood furniture, alter the progressions you need in fabric sofa designs, so connect with our designers and tell us the things that you would love to add! In this choice, the customer can express the adjustments in the design according to their decisions and inclinations.

Quality Shopping Experience

Urbanwood Furniture guarantees to make each customer's shopping experience full of fun by offering an assortment, for example, free shipping, simple merchandise exchange, low-cost EMI, and 24*7 customer support administrations.

Just by consolidating the corner sofa set you will add elegance, opulence, and solace to your living room, yet imagine a scenario where you could appreciate all this by giving the sofa set your touch. Urbanwood Furniture is prepared for the progressions you need in a design, so connect with our designers and tell us the things you like to add! Discover sectional sofas and Corner Sofa Designs in different locations in India at furniture online bangalore, L shape sofa in Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Noida, Jaipur, Pune, Gurugram, Hyderabad. Locate the best lobby sofa sets from Urbanwood for hotel gatherings and public places with FREE SHIPPING.

Urbanwood Furniture offers a broad scope of home furniture and outfitting items online which includes sofa sets, cushion covers, sofa cum beds, feasting table sets, wall stylistic layout, and some more. Explore the wide range of Furniture to reach now and locate the best Online Furniture Store.

Frequently Customer Questions & Answers

Why are sofas L-shaped?

At the point when the expression sectional sofa comes up, a great many people quickly picture a colossal L-molded lounge chair that takes up the greater part of the living room. The sectional sofa is perhaps the most reasonable bits of upholstered furniture for huge and little family rooms the same.

What is the size of L shaped sofa?

L-shaped sectionals have equivalent sides that can commonly oblige up to 5 people. The standard dimensions of these sectionals are 95 inches by 95 with depth beginning from 37 inches to 40 inches

Are L-shaped sofas a good idea?

Although an L-formed sofa may have all the earmarks of being massive and huge, it's the most appropriate alternative for a little front room as it gives more seating inside the restricted space. It's practical on the off chance that one glances at the per-seat cost. They help to make an advanced look in the living room and are the ideal decision for easygoing seating.

Where do you put L-shaped sofas?

To completely use it, place one of the L-molded sofas with the back inclining toward a wall. Obviously, the L-shape has different sides and, in some cases, has a backrest on each. Spot the more drawn-out segment against the wall, and you will have sufficient additional space in the room.

How do you arrange an L-shaped sofa in a small living room?

Utilize the L-formed sofa to section areas without acquiring more furniture. The unsupported segment with a high back could serve to outline spaces like the living room from the dining area. While accessorizing with cushions, don't go over the edge, stick to a limit of seven or eight.

How many cushions should you have on a sofa?

On the off chance that your corner sofa sits three people, between 3-6 cushions is a decent amount, while bigger L-molded sofas look fabulous with a couple of more cushions added (around 9).

How do you arrange furniture in an L-shaped living-dining room?

Since L-formed living rooms don't offer an immense space, it is a particle to pick a moderate design. Select lighter and useful furniture, and orchestrate the seating area such that you can sit up close and personal with your visitors and friends, and take advantage of the space.

How To Arrange Cushions On A Corner Sofa?

Disrupt the guidelines and place them in the center point of the corner sofa. On the off chance that your sofa is a more modest one, this arrangement is great. You can keep the pads on the sofa to make an integrated look. Other than that, this arrangement functions admirably with the more L-molded corner sofas, as well.

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