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Platform Beds

Discover The Finest Platform Beds with UrbanWood: Urbanwood has so many wonderful platform bed options. We offer a budget-friendly, and sleek design, and a good amount of storage in their platform bed variety. It can be very difficult to get platform beds for your bedroom because there are so many different types of beds on the market. Every bed serves a specific role. These days, you have more options than ever for fantastic beds, so you don't have to settle for one particular style for your bedroom. It's easy and hassle-free to decorate your master bedroom by ordering platform beds online. You can choose from a variety of alternatives for the style, materials, shade, design, and size available at UrbanWood.

Platform Beds Price List in India

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Trace Platform Single Bed
Couve Platform Single Bed
Canvas Platform Single Bed
Canvas Platform Bed
Hugo Low Floor Platform Bed
Trace Platform Bed
Couve Platform Bed
Jordan Low Floor Platform Bed
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How to Choose The Right Platform Beds For Your Bedroom

 - You may easily filter your search for bed frames by specifying your budget. Set your budget and search for a platform beds with storage.
-  You may choose the ideal option for your bedroom by keeping in mind the size of your bedroom. With your room size, you can easily customized furniture as per your needs.
-  Is it made up of strong, long-lasting materials? Finding a frame composed mostly of durable materials, such as a metallic platform bed frame and hardwood bed frame, is preferable for longevity over composite materials or plastics.
-  Platform bed frames include floating bed frames. The primary difference between the two is that platform beds have visible support columns, whereas floating beds have carefully hidden support in the center.
-  Does the bed frame's base, which sits on the ground, have a lot of traction and support? Choose a bed frame that won't squeak or shake when pushed on or leaning against it, and won't require any additional support to be stable.

The Benefits of Using a Platform Bed with Storage


Platform beds are more stable than regular beds because of their extra-sturdy bed frames and flat platforms. Persons who twist and turn frequently, and even heavier people who need a safe, strong bed, will benefit from better stability. 

Storage Capacity

The majority of platform beds frequently have some storage drawers underneath the mattress platform. Storage may seem like a little advantage. You may store toys for children, extra bedding, out-of-season items, or just lessen bedroom stuff if you have more storage space.

Better Sleep

The trendy platform bed offers your back the required support it needs to relax and heal after a hard day. In contrast to the box-spring and mattress combination, placing the bedding straight on the platform bed has been shown to provide a firmer sleeping surface.


The bed frame is what you require if you want to improve your bedroom's aesthetic appearance to reflect a luxurious life. Contemporary platform beds are made to fit in perfectly with current trends and designs. Or you can Custom furniture with your specific needs from Urbanwood.

Tips For Styling a Platform Beds

Give a natural feel

A platform bed, soft lighting, and artwork with plant themes are all good additions to a bedroom if you want to feel connected to nature.

Make it Classic

Everybody's bedroom shows its characteristics. Therefore, some people choose a look and style that is classic and spacious, while others prefer a rustic look of natural space.

Colour contrast

With a platform bed, you have more area to experiment and can colour-coordinate your room to your favorite place. You can begin by using vibrant bed linens, hanging bright curtains outside the window, and painting the furniture pieces a stunning shade.

Give an artistic look

When you come into a room with a platform bed, the size of the bed frame is the first thing you'll notice. So, you can hang a lovely piece of art behind the bed to match the height of the bed. Utilizing the background with wallpaper behind the bed frame will make the room look artistic.

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Urbanwood has everything you need if you're looking for living rooms, bedrooms, dining tables, or study room furniture online. We have modern furniture that is perfect for interior design. Browse your ideal home décor with us!

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Come to our furniture showroom Mumbai to see our most recent design concepts. For a feeling of how comfy it is, sit down and feel the greater wood finish, absorb the aroma of newly-made furniture, and rest.

Wooden furniture online

Do you have doubts about the quality of the wood? We've got you covered; we exclusively deal in hardwood furniture, and the quality won't let you down. Every product is composed of solid wood, such as sheesham and hardwood, which are robust and will stand the test of time.

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We know that your needs, plans, and expenses can be drastically different. Additionally, we work hard to make sure you get the greatest offer we can. Our Sheesham wood  furniture are of the highest quality and will provide you longevity.

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Wherever you go furniture shopping, you will find exactly what you're looking for when you walk into the furniture store in Bangalore. Whether you're looking for a couch, a desk, or a living room furniture set, we have every option for you that fits your budget perfectly.

King size beds

Online king size beds purchases require planning and attention because they are investments. The bed in your bedroom should be a reflection of your personality and, more significantly, how comfortable you want to be since it serves as your peace.

Poster beds

For those who prefer to have their poster beds custom-built, the size of the poster bed we offer online will fit in your bedroom perfectly.

Divan Beds:

If you want to purchase a diwan beds online, visit the Urbanwood page to discover trendy and contemporary designs that are beautifully finished in wood.

Single cot bed

If you're searching for something unique and trouble-free for your area, this is a wise purchase. Additionally, a single bed with mattress is also available, allowing you to save even more space.


What is a platform bed? 

Platform beds have a low-profile bed frame with a strong base of solid hardwood or metal, that supports the mattress. A platform bed is unique since it does not need a box spring. There is no need to buy any more accessories because it is ready to use once you get them.

Can I use a platform bed with any type of mattress? 

For platform beds, the finest mattresses to use are typically those made of memory foam, latex, or hybrid materials. Typically, platform beds have a solid, hard surface. A mattress made of memory foam, or latex, should provide sufficient support and comfort to prevent feeling the hard surface below.

Can I add a headboard to a platform bed?

A platform bed, either built of wood or metal, may support many different styles of headboards. To guarantee a proper fit, precise measurements of the bed's width and height are essential.

What are the benefits of using a platform bed?

Platform beds are durable, it has storage capacity, also you can customize them with your style. Lastly, you can have a better sleep with platform beds.

Do platform beds come with box springs?

No. Our beds

Are platform beds suitable for people with knee defects/injuries?

That depends on the severity of the patient and the doctor's advice. Better discuss with doc if in confusion. But yes knees have to work a little extra to get up from platform beds, especially which are as low as 6 inches.

Which mattress is suitable for a platform bed?

Any type of mattress fits well on platform beds be it foam, latex or memory foam-based mattress.

Any benefit of a platform bed over a conventional bed?

These are cost-effective beds, which look great at this rate! It makes the room look bigger and is the best furniture for new parents and little kids.

Is buying furniture online a good idea?

Yes of course, online one gets more and quick options to choose from which comes with super saving deals. Clients get a warranty and free assembly and pro conduct from the sellers.

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