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Diwan Beds

Diwan beds have always been a game changer for any living room, providing a pool of usage and variety wherever they are placed. You can use them as sofas, beds, or whatever suits your preference. Buying them from an online furniture store like UrbanWood can be quite easy for you. Customized furniture is also trendy these days, so if you are particular about your choice or short on space, customization of furniture can be a good option for you. Simply go for it, or you'll miss out on some fantastic deals.

Diwan Beds Price List in India

Product Name Price
Nora Diwan Bed
Joe Diwan Bed
Relay Ceramic Tile Diwan Bed
Ara Wooden Diwan Bed
Smelt Diwan Bed
Mane Diwan Bed
Notion Diwan Bed
Solas Diwan Bed With Storage
Maxii Diwan With Storage
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Explore Comfort and Luxury with Diwan Furniture from Our Collection!

Sheesham wood, often known as Indian rosewood, is a popular hardwood used for many different things. Not only is it used for furniture, but also floors, roofing, door and window panels, plywood, and wooden sheets. Wooden furniture especially that created of Sheesham wood is a great and valuable addition to your home and office. Diwan sets are fantastic options for living room Sheesham Wood Furniture, even in homes with modern designs. The perfect diwan furniture design will exude majesty and nobility throughout the interiors. But your living room's Sheesham furniture should also match the décor and style of the room. Your diwan set design cannot be preserved, but by utilizing a fresh diwan set, you can fully refurbish it.

Amazing Variety of Diwan Beds: A Versatile Furniture Item for Your Home.

Modern single diwan bed: Our stunning selection includes the most trendy, useful, and reasonable Single diwan bed Price and single divan bed design. Even while modern single Deewan Beds are more affordable and cost less than standard beds, they still offer you the same level of comfort.

Double bed diwan design: UrbanWood offers a huge range of materials, styles, and colouring for diwan double bed designs. For example, a hardwood diwan bed design in brown, dark chestnut or reddish Sheesham tones.

Latest diwan bed design: To make it easier for you to choose the best among a wide selection of Single diwan beds online. We have stylish and latest Diwan beds available online. The luxurious design of the majestic divan furniture spellbinds the guests. Additionally, because they are light, they are simple to put, move, and accommodating.

Double bed diwan: Many customers still favour Double Diwan Beds over more trendy bed frames, making them one of our most preferred bed alternatives. Diwan bed Prices are far more affordable than regular bed frames and come with several added features, only at UrbanWood.

Diwan furniture: A diwan is the ideal partner for any home furnishings since it gives the house a particular style and an ancient charm. It is a combination sofa cum bed that balances its comfort and usefulness.

Diwan design furniture: The traditional diwan furniture made up of charming designs would go very well with the décor of your space. We have a sophisticated selection of custom furniture available online, with the most attractive designs that may effectively make up for a room's lack of space.

Customized the Diwan Furniture of Your Dreams: Design Inspiration and Ideas!

Wooden Diwan Sofa: At UrbanWood, we promise to make your house into a home that is desirable to live in. To improve our clients' experience while purchasing a sofa diwan set from UrbanWood, we offer a variety of features and services.

Online Furniture Store: Your selected wooden furniture may be a great option to get from an online furniture store if you don't go offline shopping. If you buy furniture online, there are a ton of benefits, such as simple comparable costs, hassle-free delivery and installation, and the most alluring feature, offers, and discounts!

Buy furniture online: We live our lives all around the furniture in our houses, from casually relaxing to carrying out daily duties. Without any practical furnishings, the house would have felt like a soulless structure. Homes become more unique and well-organized with furniture. Make sure to visit our website for customized furniture and Custom diwan beds if you plan to buy furniture online.

Diwan bed with storage: From UrbanWood's extensive collection of Furniture designs, pick a diwan piece of furniture. Including a wooden diwan cot, a 6x4 diwan bed, a coffee table, a sofa bed, side tables, a Diwan bed with storage and some others.

Wooden diwan price: Diwans come in a wide range of sizes, even models like the single bed diwan and the diwan cot model. A diwan bed's actual features can differ from vendor to vendor. Moreover, the diwan cot price varies according to size.

Box diwan bed: As we all know, diwan beds are thought of as part of imperial furniture. Get Diwan Box Bed Online to enjoy the imperial pleasure. Our elegant selection includes the most popular, practical, and reasonably priced Diwan box beds.


What is a Diwan bed?

A diwan bed consists of a base that has been particularly created and a mattress that matches. The base has a wooden structure that makes it strong and long-lasting, and cloth surrounds it to provide it with a classy look.

What are the benefits of a Diwan bed?

Divan beds are separated from many other metallic or wooden bed frames by their elegantly covered divan base, which gives them a much more luxurious appearance. Diwan beds are easily flexible, simple to assemble, and can act as a space saver.

Can a Diwan bed be used as a regular bed?

Yes Of course! A divan bed base consists of a hardwood frame that is then filled with soft wadding and covered with fabric. Because the base is built to a mattress' size, they are more compact than traditional bed frames and have a stunningly simple and minimalist look.

How do I choose the right size Diwan bed for my space?

You and your mate should be able to sleep side by side on a bed with a mattress that is wide enough for both of you to put your hands behind your heads without touching them. The dimensions of the Diwan bed and mattress must be at least 10 cm larger than that of the tallest person using them.

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