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Having a Storage Problem? Our wardrobes Collection 2023 Can be Your ideal SolutionOne of the most significant purchases for your bedroom furniture is a wardrobe online. Choosing a contemporary wardrobe with a mirror is typically one of the main issues when building a new apartment or renovating an old one. The wooden wardrobe collection at Urbanwood is a trendy solution to store all of your clothing, accessories, household goods, and other necessities. In India, we provide a sizable selection of high-end, robust modern wooden wardrobe online. They have beautiful finishes and are crafted of excellent Sheesham wood. Therefore, make your bedroom look lovely with our imaginative and beautiful modern wardrobe designs for bedroom options that will make it simple for you to manage your things!

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Only at Urbanwood Can You Find Various Types of Wardrobe Designs!

Sliding Door Wardrobe

Any material is suitable for a sliding door wardrobe. However, wood or plywood are the most common choices. Because sliding wardrobes have a very contemporary and modern look, which traditional doored closets do not offer, sliding wooden almirah design look incredibly trendy in any home. You may choose from a wide variety of sliding wardrobe options on Urbanwood.

Glass Wardrobe

It is important to provide storage space with careful thought. After all, both your necessities and your priceless collectibles will be kept in the glass wardrobe or almirah. What you require is a remedy that satisfies your requirements and complements the design of the house you now occupy. You can purchase a mirrored wardrobe online from Urbanwood at a great price that is made with the highest quality to satisfy your storage needs.

3 Door Wardrobes

A 3 door wardrobe includes a useful organizational system in the form of three large shelves and three smaller shelves. They have three doors, one with a mirror and the other without, and lots of room for your clothing and accessories.

4 Door Wardrobes

The four doors open to various uses for the storage area and utility. Even though they are bigger than double- and triple-door wooden almirah furniture, these wooden cabinets would fit well against one of your walls because they provide space for anything you need to store. While you browse our online modern wardrobe collection, we suggest Plaid and Organza, the 4 door wardrobe options.

Single Wardrobe

If you decide to relocate, a single wardrobe would be simpler to carry, but a constructed wardrobe can be personalized to your preferences down to storage options, doors, and more. You can select the colour, finishes, and detailing of the outfit, as well as its overall look for a single door wardrobe.

Bedroom Wardrobe

There are a few factors to take into account while selecting the perfect wardrobe for your bedroom. You must first choose between a built-in closet and a free-standing wardrobe. Urbanwood currently offers the market's widest choice of bedroom wardrobe storage options.

Kitchen Wardrobe

Discover the positivity of a spotless, well-organized kitchen with the fantastic hardwood kitchen wardrobe available online. The furniture pieces that will give an organized kitchen are kitchen wardrobes online, which are useful, and aesthetically pleasing in every way.

Portable Wardrobe

From managing children's toys to keeping jewels, Urbanwood offers a huge selection of portable wardrobes that are only accessible at reasonable prices. The folding wardrobe is practical and perfect for saving your limited space. They also come with fashionable and entertaining fabric covers that your children will surely like.

Designer Wardrobe

It makes sense that the cost of a designer almirah could give you pause, especially if you're striving for quality. But if you shop at Urbanwood, you have nothing to worry about. Buy your wardrobe online from Urbanwood today with confidence, knowing that every item, and the wardrobe price, are of the finest quality.

Why Shop Online at Urbanwood for Wardrobes in India?

Online shopping for a big wardrobe at Urbanwood may be exciting. You can use these bedroom closets for many generations to come. We made sure that purchasing your double wardrobe online would be simple and easy. We provide

Finest Quality

At Urbanwood, we place a high value on our clients, which is why we only use premium products. We never compromise on quality while producing closet furniture online, whether it be from solid wood or high-grade engineered wood.

Affordable Wardrobe

At Urbanwood, we don't want our clients to constantly be in a panic since we have affordable corner wardrobe prices that won't break the bank. We offer wall wardrobes at the most reasonable pricing.

Special Deals

We make additional, only-for-the-customers offers on wardrobes for sale. This includes no-cost EMIs because we realize your desire for these wooden wardrobe doors, free installers for items at your home, and round-the-clock customer support for any questions.

Explore Our Wide Range of Customized Wardrobes Furniture at The Best Prices!

Customized Furniture

It's difficult to create the ideal home. Our professionals are here to assist you at every stage because we are aware of the difficulties. Browse our collection of customized furniture, dedicated to your every need!


The almirah for the bedroom is a stylish, free-standing bedroom closet style that serves as a wardrobe. The almirah keeps your clothes almirah for clothes organized by providing a lot of storage space, shelves, and drawers for storage. Its retro look lends a sense of class to your bedroom, and it is portable.


Urbanwood currently offers stylish, contemporary engineered wood cupboards online that are suitable for all types of homes. It's not necessary to worry about long-term maintenance because the wood makes the cupboards termite resistant.


Our carefully chosen closet selection fits every family member perfectly. Our selection features a wide variety of materials, colours, and sizes to fit every mood and nook.

Sheesham Wood Furniture

Although purchasing wardrobes can be difficult, you shouldn't be concerned about this huge task since Urbanwood is here to assist you. We offer you high-quality, pest-resistant Sheesham wood wardrobes in a variety of design choices.


What kind of wardrobes are available in different styles? 

·         Sliding door wardrobe.
·         Glass wardrobe.
·         3-door wardrobes.
·         4-door wardrobes.
·         Single wardrobes
·         Bedroom wardrobe.
·         Kitchen wardrobe.
·         Portable wardrobe.
and many more. You can easily find them at Urbanwood at a reasonable price.

How can I figure out the size of the wardrobe?

Calculating the square footage of a wardrobe involves:
After that, measure the width from left to right. Typically, it is 7' with an 8' height. By multiplying the two (sq. ft.), the wardrobe's square floor space is calculated.  square floor space of the wardrobe by multiplying the two (sq. ft.). The closet in this instance is 8' x 7', or 56 square feet. If you are still having problems, UrbanWood's team is here to help you out.

Which type of material should I select for my wardrobe?

One of the strongest alternatives to solid wood, and one of the most resilient materials for wardrobes, is plywood. This wardrobe material is made by fusing numerous pieces of engineered wood. They can form sturdy layers and are equally strong throughout.

What is the right way to clean a wardrobe?

Set up a time for your cleaning.
Give your wardrobe a thorough cleaning before emptying it into one endless pile.
Sort clothing into piles for keeping, donating, and discarding.
Remove anything you don't need, refine the "Keep" pile, and then put it back in your closet.

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