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Wooden Almirah

Shop Now All Wooden Furniture With Best Prices at UrbanWood : An almirah is a must for every home. A must-have item for any home is the premium polished wooden almirah, which converts from a storage unit into a focal point. UrbanWood offers sturdy Sheesham wood in various sizes and countless design possibilities. UrbanWood has everything you're searching for, whether it be traditional, modern, contemporary, or eclectic. The almirah's functionality is undeniable considering the multitude of storage choices available along with the furnishings. Shelves, cupboards, hanging space, etc., have all been brilliantly organized to meet every storage demand. If you want to learn more about wooden almirah with price then visit our website for sure. 

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A Few of The Benefits of Purchasing an Almirah are as Follows

A Finishing Touch to A Room

When you think of a bedroom, chances are you see a room with a sofa, a fancy wardrobe, a dressing table, drapes, and a bathroom. To put it simply, a table and Sheesham wood almirah give a finishing touch to the room. Its existence has always been cherished, whether it is a small wooden almirah or a wooden wall almirah. Consider purchasing a wooden almirah for bedroom if you want a reliable piece with a timeless design.

Provides Plenty of Storage Options

An almirah maximizes your available space by utilizing unused corners and regions of your bedroom. A 3 door wooden almirah may be utilized in a number of ways to store and organize anything you desire, from accessories to beds. You can also buy it as a wooden almirah for clothes. Using a print almirah will give you more space in the room. Additionally, the top of the almirah may be used to store objects.

Fits Your Space

The wooden wardrobe conceals your mess while perfectly complementing your surroundings. Do some corners typically strike you as being really uninteresting? not anymore! Use a stylish tall piece of furniture to make space in tight spots in your room while utilizing other furniture as much as possible. One piece of furniture that fits into every space well is customized furniture. You have a lot of options for colours, textures, and door styles when you shop wooden furniture online.

Adding Class to The Room

The wooden wall almirah is a crucial piece of luxury bedroom furniture that you cannot live without. because they make it possible to keep a large number of products in a beautiful and organized manner. The appearance of a room may be drastically changed by a beautiful wooden almirah with mirror. An almirah wooden mirror from UrbanWood naturally brings coziness, opulence, and a dash of sophistication.

Improves Security

Since the bedroom serves as the center of the house, you frequently leave it unlocked while you're the only person leaving. There are some matters, nevertheless, that you might want to keep secret. Or maybe there are jewels and cash that need further security. A covered almari with a built-in locker and two locks works nicely in this situation. You may now lock up everything for security and take the password with you.

The Best Almirah Designs are Only Available at UrbanWood

A storage अलमारी shopping can be more helpful than just a place to keep stuff, depending on how much interior organizing room it has. While some are huge enough to suit a minimalist house, others may be small enough to fit in confined spaces. We provide a staggering variety of online almirahs, closet, beds, tv units, bookshelves, and shoe racks to satisfy every need for storage and home design. You can properly manage your possessions with the help of these strong Sheesham wood almirahs with mirrors that you can get online at online prices at Urban wood. They offer a lot of storage space in a number of configurations. From our vast range, you may pick the best wooden almirah design with a wood finish.

Our Online Furniture Store is all Set to Serve you the Latest and Trendy Furniture for Your Space

Wooden Wardrobe

A Sheesham hardwood wardrobes or almirah is a need in every home, and the hardwood wardrobe online collection is a stylish place to store all of your clothing, accessories, household items, and other necessities. Because it should be a one-time buy, selecting a wardrobe online that meets your needs is just as important as locating another piece of home furniture.

Mirrored Wardrobe

If checking your clothes carefully before leaving is an important part of your morning routine, a full-length mirror should be a requirement in your bedroom. However, you don't have to make room for a dressing table or a single mirror—you can simply buy a wooden almirah with a mirror.


We are committed to assisting you in more effectively and efficiently outlining your lifestyle. Our range of wooden online almirahs for clothing with mirrors includes a sizable selection constructed from high-quality solid woods like Sheesham.

Single Door Wardrobe

If you're traveling alone, the wardrobe with a single door is your best option. This piece of furniture maximizes storage while taking up little room in your room. 


A selection of small bedroom cabinets with single, double, and triple doors may be found in this stylish closet. Additionally, these little cabinets are produced from Sheesham and mango hardwood and are offered for sale online for optimal durability.

Spend Money on Lasting Home Furnishings!

UrbanWood offers modern, fashionable, and traditional furniture that fits your tastes, way of life, and budget while adding function and style to your home. Your home will have a contemporary appearance from our online furniture store that is always fashionable and has a classic feel. Your demands will be met by our wide assortment of products, which includes everything from coffee tables to TV stands, sofas to bookshelves, and office armchairs to shoe racks. If your home is properly furnished, it might seem like home. Each room should be a direct representation of your preferences and sense of style. UrbanWood offers online furniture shopping that will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your room.


What kind of wood is used to construct wooden almirahs?

The best wood for furniture is solid wood, also known as Sheesham wood. UrbanWood strictly uses Sheesham wood for its furniture, as we believe in delivering quality to our customers.

How much does a standard wooden almirah cost?

A standard wooden almirah would generally cost you around 50,000-75,000. You won't regret buying it, I promise; just trust us on that.

What are the typical dimensions for wooden almirahs?

The solid wood almirah is 6' tall, in accordance with industry norms. The closet measures 3' x 6', or 18 square feet. The UrbanWood team is available to assist you if you are still having issues with measurements.

Can wooden almirahs be modified to include more drawers and shelves?

Yes, of course, you can get your furniture customized according to your needs. Custom furniture is the latest trend of this era and fits very easily into any space.

Are wooden almirahs eco-friendly?

Wood is a natural product, and whatever we get from nature is easily degradable and also eco-friendly as it never harms the ecosystem as compared to other products like plastic and other chemical based products. UrbanWood has always kept nature a priority, and we also run campaigns for plantations to balance the cutting of trees.

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