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Beds With Storage

Shop Storage Beds Online at An Affordable Price: Among the most essential furnishings you will add to your home is a bed, and it will likely be there for several years. Due to the limited size of spaces and the growing need for more storage, beds with storage are now a popular choice. Every piece of furniture in the current day, including your bed, has been updated to be more useful to you than before! Urbanwood is Offering durable, comfortable beds with storage! You can find a large selection of storage beds in different sizes, and styles, and made of solid wood at affordable rates.

Beds With Storage Beds Price List in India

Product Name Price
Morgana Box Storage Bed
Berlin Wooden Bed With Box Storage
Babson Box Storage Bed
Hover Bed with Box Storage
Solic Wooden Bed With Box Storage
Bedswind Bed With Box Storage
Jerry Wooden Bed With Box Storage
Stack Box Storage Bed
Ross Wooden Bed With Box Storage
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The Benefits of Having a Bed with Storage.

Maximize the space: In the modern world, many people have single rooms or small bedrooms. There are many ways to restore this size reduction. Utilizing a wooden bed with storage is one of the best methods to make the most of your available space while also preserving convenience and use in your home.

Use Your Limited Space: We often use our beds for sleeping because they are big, bulky objects, especially hardwood beds. People now have been working hard to figure out how to get more use out of them. So, depending on the size of your room, choose a solid wood bed with storage if you want to provide your guests' comfy place to sleep.

Give Your Closet and Cabinets Extra Space: Usually, people store seasonal items like a blanket, bed sheets, mattresses, and winter clothes, in closets and cabinets, which take up a lot of room. A bed with storage drawers can take up far less space.

Improves The Setting of Your Home: Indeed, even a storage bed can enhance the setting of your home. Usually, people place all of their unwanted, dull clothing on open shelves throughout their homes, wrapped in either new clothing or bed sheets. So, being wise means storing all of those bundles of clothing in that bed's storage area. If you have a lot of unrequited items in your room, a bed with headboard storage is an excellent choice.

Saves Your Money : By choosing not to purchase a bed without storage, many couples, and students, who buy a new home but don't have furnishings can save a large amount of money. And in this case, any bed with drawers from Urbanwood with storage has a lot more space and is crafted with Wooden furniture, which is strong and long-lasting, and affordable.

How to Choose The Right Bed with Storage for Your Bedroom

Understand The Size: This is the most crucial thing to consider. You may choose the proper size of bedding to fit in your bedroom by being aware of its size. Large rooms should not have little bedding, and vice versa.

Look for Amenities in The Bed : To make the most of your space, look for a bed with under-bed storage. Although there are types of multipurpose beds on the market today.

Check The Décor in Your Bedroom : No matter how tastefully you decorate your bedroom, your bed will remain the focal point. Therefore, you must take everything into mind while buying a bed.

Make a Budget : Your efforts to buy the best bed for your bedroom will be useless if you don't know what you can afford or what you want to spend. Therefore, while choosing a bed, make sure the bedding matches your room and preferences while keeping within your budget.

Shop Solid Wood Bed with Storage Online: Urbanwood !

Queen Size Bed with Storage

For storing your bed sheets, pillows, toys, and other necessities, the queen-size bed with storage is a perfect choice for your ideal room.

King Size Bed With Storage

All royalty feels like is a king-sized bed with storage. Even though the bed fills up a lot of space, the King-size bed with storage has Four sections, so you never have to sacrifice storage space.

Single Bed With Storage

Consider comfort as well as style when selecting the best and latest hardwood single bed with storage for your space. A hardwood single bed can transform the interior and the room.

Double Bed With Storage

A double bed with storage comes with storage-equipped beds, allowing you to effortlessly tuck away all the extra mattresses and extras. These can comfortably fit two people. We provide a wide selection of styles and designs for high-quality, carefully crafted wooden beds online.

Single Cot With Storage

If you're searching for something innovative and hassle-free for your room. A single cot bed with storage is now available, which will help you to save even more space.

Double Bed with Hydraulic Storage

There is a solid reason why hydraulic beds are growing in popularity in today's interior design. Do you want to make room for your friends to come? Without losing your allotted space, a hydraulic double bed is a good way to add more sleeping and lounge space.

Platform Bed with Storage

The platform beds with storage feature fantastic highlighting grain patterns on the surface of the wood since they are made of hardwood. At Urbanwood, a wide range of colours are available, including walnuts, caramel, oak, and teak finish.

Designer Bed

The platform beds with storage feature fantastic highlighting grain UrbanWood's designer bed are divided into a number of combinations to make it simple for you to find the one you want. Your furniture requirements are always met here due to the many sizes and amazing modern bed design ideas.

Sheesham Wood Bed

One of the best reliable materials for making furniture is Sheesham wood. Sheesham wood bed is a solid option for your bedroom as it has been used to make high-end beds for years.

Diwan with Storage

When shopping online at Urbanwood for a variety of designs that range from little hardwood diwan furniture selections to huge fabric furniture, you may choose the diwan furniture with storage that best matches your needs and preferences.

Wooden Sofa Cum Bed with Storage 

You must decide which form of sofa bed will fit your comfort and requirements because different styles of sofa cum beds with storage each have their advantages and benefits. You may discover a variety of stylish sofa cum beds at Urbanwood to easily match a variety of décor styles.

Online Furniture Store

When looking for furniture online, you should start by carefully going through each room of your house. Make a list of all the furniture that is genuinely required and estimate the sizes as well.

Wooden Furniture Online

It is now simple to buy wooden furniture in India online that exactly matches your interior design. You may order ready-made and custom furniture from Urbanwood online.

Furniture Shop in Gurgaon

Urban wood is the best place to shop for our unique selection of solid wood Furniture in Gurgaon if you're seeking wooden Furniture shop in Gurgaon.

Furniture Shop Delhi

At Urbanwood, you may find the ideal double bed to cuddle onto on cold nights. You can quickly browse bedroom furniture to fit every taste and budget. There are no better bedroom furniture selections available in Delhi.


Can I use the storage space in a bed to store out-of-season clothing or other items that I don't need to access regularly?

In compact homes, storage beds are very helpful. You can store your seasonal clothing and other items under the bed. The best feature is how simple it is to access anything stored inside a storage bed, as compared to overhead storage.

Are bed storage options suitable for small bedrooms, or will they take up too much space?

If you have a small bedroom, then a storage bed is the ideal option for you rather than buying a wardrobe or any other furnishings. Where you can store your winter clothes, blankets, and other items.

Can I use a bed with storage if I have a box spring mattress, or do I need to use a different type of mattress?

A box spring gives mattress support by keeping the mattress from buckling excessively under your weight. When put on a platform or slat-based bed, many mattresses function very well. The platform beds provide even support for you and your mattress.

Are there any downsides to using a bed with storage, such as reduced comfort or durability?

Storage beds often have the same slatted design as regular beds, with the added benefit of a sturdy lower structure to store your drawers or storage area. As a result, they are durable, robust, comfortable, and strong enough to last for many years.

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