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A warm, comfy bed encourages restful sleep. Beds are the ideal partner to help you release all your tension and fatigue, whether it be after a long, hard day or a peaceful day. Finding the ideal designer bedroom furniture that guarantees comfort and enhances your home's décor is crucial. We offer some incredible collections for you if you want to swap out your old bed for a contemporary king size double bed. Modern techniques and fine Sheesham wood are used in production to assure their longevity, comfort, and financial worth. We Provide customized furniture for Bedroom

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Here is a Checklist to Use When Buying Bedroom Furniture Online.

Undoubtedly, a wooden double bed is a costly purchase! What if you discover that the bed you just bought isn't the right size for your bedroom? Keep the following things in mind before making the purchase to prevent such a hassle.

Examine The Size of Your Bedroom

Consider the size of your bedroom and the contents of the space before purchasing a new double floor bed. Next, determine the size of the empty area and compare it to the bed you intend to purchase. Choose the foldable double bed if your room is on the smaller side.

Design, Material, and Colour

Because furniture is a long term investment, you should carefully consider its material before making your choice. Solid wood and Sheesham wood, in particular, assure durability. Pick furniture that is resistant to corrosion, termites, and dampness when making your selection. Additionally, check to see if the colour and style you choose complements the bedroom walls and other furniture that is already there. Our online furniture store offers bedroom furniture that has undergone a number of quality assurance tests to ensure they are up to par with industry standards.

Establish a Budget

Purchasing a double bed does not need you to stretch your budget thin. The engineered wooden beds are inexpensively priced. You may simply choose your comfortable pricing range and refine your search accordingly.

At UrbanWood, we provide you with a variety of dependable and stylish double beds at affordable costs. However, our goal is not simply to mislead you and offer you a subpar product. We are committed to a long-term partnership with you that is built on openness and transparency. We exclusively utilize Sheesham wood for our items because of this. When compared to MDF and engineered wood, sheesham wood is more resilient and long-lasting. So when you make a decision, pick carefully. Your choice alone shall be final!

Variant with And without Storage

This quality is entirely a matter of preference. There is no need to spend additional money on a bed with storage if your bedroom is already furnished with built-in shelves and a large wardrobe. On the other hand, beds with storage are your best option if your bedroom is small and your belongings are dispersed around. You may get all three types of storage beds at our online or physical furniture store: box storage, drawer facility, and hydraulic systems.

You Have a Variety of Options When Choosing Bedroom Furniture

One of the most viewed and searched-for items while purchasing furniture online is double beds. Without a piece of solid advice on how and where to acquire one, finding a double bed may be a common chore. However, if you look at those possibilities on the UrbanWood website, it could be more your style. You will only need to click once to obtain the best price and top-notch goods. According to their sizes and dimensions, double beds may be divided into three categories.

King Size Beds

- King size beds are ideal for married couples and families with young children.

- Size: 81 x 75 (varies from design to design)

- You have the choice between this bed's choices for both storage and no storage, depending on your needs.

Queen Size Beds

- Queen size beds are perfect for adults, teenagers, and couples alike, albeit they are a little smaller than king-size beds.

- Measurements: 81 x 63 (varies from design to design)

- Depending on what is most practical for you, you can select this bed's options for storage or no storage.

Double Beds

- Ideal for adolescents, college students, motels, and loft beds as well, double beds measure 81 x 54.

- In accordance with your requirements and decor, you may choose from a variety of styles and finishes.

Chest of Drawers

Chest of drawers may be found online in a huge selection of premium, stylish, and appealing designs to meet the demands of any person. Select the piece that complements your décor and the other furnishings in your home the best. The furniture as a whole is masterfully made. The clothing chest of drawers offers the following key benefits in particular.

Designer Wardrobe

It makes sense that the cost of a designer wardrobe would make you doubt your ability to reach quality if you're striving to do so. There is no need to worry, though, if you buy from UrbanWood. Buy furniture from UrbanWood online right now knowing that every item is of the best quality and that the cost is reasonable.

Dresser Table

A dressing table with glass and storage options is the best fit for any bedroom. It makes you keep your makeup vanity organized. A wooden dressing table is a long-term investment for any household.

Wooden Bookshelf

Simple geometric designs and shapes are now popular for furniture bookcases. Today, interior decorating and home design frequently incorporate geometric designs. The perfect combination of usability and aesthetic is found in a solid wood bookshelf. To break up the monotony, you can store books and other adornments. Alternately, place all of your child's other faves and his favorite comic book series on the corner bookcase.

Shoe Racks

Sheesham wood shoe racks are a great way to display your footwear. They are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes and may be utilized in every room of the house. They are an excellent method to make your home look more upscale. View our collection's most recent shoe rack designs.

Trendy TV Unit

Modern furniture combines beauty and functionality. Clean lines and geometric shapes are fashionable, and TV stands are frequently made of wood, steel, and other natural materials. It uses warm and neutral colours. These characteristics give modern furniture its distinctive vibe. If you just search online for a modern TV cabinet, you'll find a tone of options. From floor-standing TV stands to ones that can be mounted on a wall, you can find them in a range of sizes in neutral colours to complement the design of your home furniture.

Shoe Cabinets

For more flexible use, consider a shoe cabinet with a seat. To find out more about shoe racks online and to get the most recent sheesham wood designs and finishes, go to You might also profit from amazing discounts and a seductive drop in the price of the shoe rack.

Whatever you are looking for, we have got you covered. You can try our bedroom furniture sets, Cupboards, wooden almirahs, bedside tables, study tables, closets, wooden tv stands, bookshelves, shoe racks, shoe cabinets and a lot more. Just click on our website link to know more.

Recently Asked User Questions about Bedroom Furniture

What are the different types of bedroom furniture available in Urbanwood?

Urbanwood has a long list of bedroom furniture for your bedroom. You can choose bedroom furniture sets, Cupboards, wooden almirahs, bedside tables, study tables, closets, wooden tv stands, bookshelves, shoe racks, shoe cabinets and a lot more.

What is the best way to choose the right size of bedroom furniture?

The best way is to have the correct measurements of the available space in the room.

What are some of the latest trends in modern bedroom furniture design?

The latest trends in modern bedroom furniture design are space saving furniture and also customized furniture. Our bedroom furniture set price is also pocket friendly. So you never have to think before buying from us.

What are some popular materials used in designer bedroom furniture and their pros and cons?

Popular materials used in wooden bedroom furniture are plywood, engineered wood, mango wood, and Sheesham wood. Urban wood takes pride in offering premium-class solid wood furniture. 

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