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Wardrobe design

Wardrobes have gone through a magical transformation in their looks and feel. It's no longer a boring part of your room, but now wardrobes add an unobtrusive style to your space. You can go for stylish and modern wardrobe design if you are the one who is obsessed with trends.  You must make sure that the bedroom furniture matches the style of the bed frame and bedside tables. The cleanliness of the area is greatly influenced by modern design. In fact, putting in an almirah made of light wood or with mirror doors can amplify the light in a tiny room and make it appear bigger and more open. For various demands and price ranges, Urbanwood offers a wide range of wardrobe furniture models. You can look for wardrobe designs with hinged panels, mirrors or without mirrors, and more on our website platform.

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Looks Good

If your bedroom wardrobe is arranged, your entire room will be easily accessible to you and in usable condition. If you have easy access to your entire wardrobe, you'll be able to put together fantastic ensembles with ease. You'll feel better about how you look since your bathroom closet designs are always fashionable.

Regulate Your Clothing Budget

If your wardrobe is organized, you can always see what you have. This will prevent you from buying duplicates or clothing that closely resembles what you already own. Selling some of the clothing items you no longer need through a used shop or online auction site could bring in some extra cash for you.

Improving Clarity

 A dirty environment typically corresponds to a messy mind. When a room is uneasy, making decisions may become more difficult. However, a neat environment clears the clutter and makes selecting the right clothing easier. With a clothing wardrobe, you can start the day with greater mental health.

Additional Space

Who doesn't like having more storage?  A carefully planned and optimised wardrobe will easily provide more storage space. This will enable you to be more organised than ever before. Having more storage is always a great addition, whether you use it for household items or clothing.

The Following Features can Enhance Your Interior with Modern Wardrobe Design

Wardrobes : While sometimes challenging, choosing a wardrobe design that goes well with your home can be very satisfying. Urbanwood has every type of modern wardrobe design you could imagine, all with our assortment of high-quality storage options.

Sliding Door Wardrobe : Sliding wardrobes combine contemporary design with practicality. If your wardrobes swings up and down, you may convert it into a little walk-in wardrobe. The wardrobe's drawers and hanging shelves help you organise your belongings, and its sliding glass doors make it easy to get to everything at once. Try UrbanWood for various sliding wardrobe designs.

Sliding Wardrobe : A sliding wardrobe can be installed to match any design and function in practically any environment. The doors are sturdy and efficiently serve as cabinets because there are no springs, freeing up room. We have modern wardrobe designs for bedrooms, along with sliding door wardrobe designs at easy and affordable prices.

Wooden Wardrobe : Made from the finest wood, wooden wardrobes are renowned for their durability and longevity. They come in a variety of colors and styles to match the furniture and can provide a space with a warm, natural vibe. There are a huge number of master bedroom modern wardrobe designs for bedrooms available to select in the market.

Mirrored Wardrobe : A stunning illustration of a multifunctional storage option is a mirrored designer wardrobe. You can save money and space by mounting a full-length mirror to the wardrobe's door rather than buying one and taking up important floor space. Furthermore, placing a mirror right on the wardrobe door is helpful when selecting clothing. Wardrobe design with a mirror can be multitasking and of great use at the same time.

Cupboard : A piece of furniture with one or two doors, generally with shelves, and used to store objects is referred to as a "cupboard." You could benefit from a cupboard that keeps you organized and in control, which you may utilize. The enormous cabinet is filled with both treasures from the past and essential items of the present. Choose any wooden cupboard design from our vast selection.

Almirah : In addition to its typical use of housing clothing, an almirah has a number of other uses. A master bedroom wardrobe design with a dressing table for the bedroom is required to store stuff like jewelry, cosmetics, and other daily requirements. You can limit your options at Urbanwood based on your requirements for space, the variety of doorways, and the wood.

You can choose a wooden wardrobe design from a selection of exquisite varieties at Urbanwood in the broadest almirah price ranges, colours, and sizes to meet all of your storage demands.

Only at Urbanwood can You Find Your ideal Modern Wardrobe Designs for Bedroom

TV Cabinets : The TV cabinet enhances the watching experience. Our multifunctional TV sets are practical for storage, display, and better space utilization. It's important to pick a modern TV wall design that complements the room, meets your preferences, and offers ample storage for your media player and collectibles.

Wooden Shoe Racks : They come in a variety of designs, from classic oak racks with doors to stylish steel shelves for an avant-garde appearance. You might also look at the range of shoe storage cabinets  if you desire usable furniture.

Customized Furniture : Custom-made furniture can help your creative furniture ideas become useful and durable additions to your living area. You may benefit from the special advantages of durability and material versatility with custom furniture from Urbanwood through our online furniture store.

Beds : However, selecting a beds involves more considerations than just comfort and use. Your bedroom will stick out and disrupt the flow of your elegantly arranged space if your bed frame has an ugly style. You're in luck, because Urbanwood has a wide selection of luxurious latest wardrobe design substitutes, including opulent canopy bed frames and chic metal frames with storage cabinets and painted drawers.

Bookshelves : If you're a lifelong reader, investing in a stunning bookshelf with plenty of space is probably essential. A wooden book rack or a wooden book shelf can be used to showcase personal objects like frames and vacation souvenirs in addition to the beloved books you've collected over the years.


What types of wardrobe designs are available?

- Glass wardrobe.

- 3-door wardrobe.

- 4-door wardrobe.

- Single wardrobe.

- Bathroom wardrobe.

- Portable wardrobe.

and many more. It is easy to find them at Urbanwood at an affordable price. In our stores, we have a one-of-a-kind selection of sheesham wood furniture. You can also buy wooden furniture online without any difficulty.

How do I choose the right wardrobe design for my bedroom?

After taking measurements of the available space as well as the door, you can choose the standard size. You need to measure the height of the door, as it is a very crucial part of the execution. The design should not be clumsy or out of place; it should complement the theme and the available space, leaving the room organized at the end.

Can I customize the design of my wardrobe?

Customization is the trendiest option of the era. So you can easily go for it. This facility makes your room look just the way you want it to. without any risks. Call us on our toll free number to see your dreams turn into reality. 

Are sliding wardrobes a good option for small bedrooms?

Sliding wardrobes are a fantastic option for small bedrooms as they don't occupy much space when opened. So if you are short on space, sliding wardrobes can be a mind-blowing option.

What are the benefits of a wooden wardrobe?

If you are a person who loves easy maintenance when it comes to furniture, then wooden furniture should be your best choice. It comes with easy to clean methods that are hassle free. Along with the maintenance thing, they also offer long term service, so never hesitate before buying wooden furniture. Just click on our website to buy furniture online. 

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