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Buy Almirah (अलमारी) Online with Best Prices: An almirah is a necessary item for any house. The premium finished sheesham wood almirah transforms from being an organizer to an attraction, making it a necessity for all households. Sturdy Sheesham wood अलमारी in a variety of sizes and endless design options are available at Urbanwood. Whether you're looking for something traditional, modern, contemporary, or eclectic, Urbanwood offers customized furniture it all. Furthermore, given the variety of storage options combined with the furnishings, the almirah's utility cannot be questioned. To accommodate every storage need, shelves, cabinet, hanging space, etc., have been amazingly organized. Check out our website to pick a variety of wooden almirah online. An armoire is a stunning and useful addition to your bedroom furniture. Pick your material, stain, and style only at Urbanwood!

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Completes the Room

When you picture a bedroom, you likely see a space with a couch, a designer almirah, a dressing table, curtains, and a bathroom. The bedroom is finished with a table and an almirah, to put it simply. Whether it is a modular wardrobes or a ready-made almirah, its existence has always been valued. If you want a sturdy almirah with a classic aesthetic, think about getting a wooden one for your bedroom.

Improves the Room's Elegance

You just cannot live without the almirah, a vital item of fine bedroom furniture. because they enable you to maintain a huge number of goods in an appealing and ordered fashion. A stunning almirah has the power to radically alter a room's look. wooden almirah online from Urbanwood naturally adds warmth, richness, and a touch of refinement to the bedroom. 

Multipurpose Storage

By utilizing the underused spaces and areas of your bedroom, an almirah makes the most of your available space. A cloth wardrobe is not just for storing clothes; it can be used in a variety of ways to store and organize anything you like, from accessories to bedding.  You can make more room in the room by using a print almari. Additionally, you can store items on top of the almirah.

Meets Your Space

The wooden almirah design beautifully fits your room and deftly conceals your mess. Do some corners usually appear to be quite uninteresting to you? No longer! In difficult areas of your space, use a classy, tall piece of furniture to create the space while maximizing the use of other furniture pieces. A pink almirah is one of the furniture pieces that seamlessly blend into any room. A Print almari gives you a lot of possibilities in terms of colours, textures, and door types.

Improves security

Since a bedroom is the heart of the home, you often don't lock it when you're the only one leaving. However, there are some things that you might like to keep private. Or perhaps there are valuables and money that require further security. Here, an almari covered with a built-in locker and dual locks works well. Since your brothers and relatives may be using the room while you are away, you can now lock up everything for safety and take the password with you.

Get A Varieties of Almirah Designs Only at Urbanwood

The usefulness of an almari shopping with storage varies according to the amount of internal organizing space and goes beyond simply providing a place to put things. Some are small enough to fit in tight locations, while others may be large enough to fit inside a minimalist home. We have an astounding selection of online almirahs to meet all home decor and storage requirements. These sturdy Sheesham wood almirah with the mirror that you can buy online at almirah online price at Urbanwood provide plenty of storage space in a variety of configurations, allowing you to organize your belongings effectively. You can choose the greatest almirah sale in a wood finish from our limitless selection.

These are types of almirah online shopping that can be added to meet any need


We are committed to helping you map out your style of life more efficiently and effectively. We have a large selection of wooden wardrobe for clothes with mirrored in our inventory that is made from premium solid woods like Sheesham.

Sliding Door Wardrobe

The almirah with a single door is your best bet if you're traveling alone. This piece of furniture saves space in your room while providing adequate storage. If you wish to purchase it online.

Wooden Wardrobe

every home needs a Sheesham hardwood wardrobe or almirah, and the hardwood wardrobe online collection is a chic way to keep all of your apparel, accessories, home goods, and other necessities. Selecting a wardrobes online that matches your demands is just as crucial as finding another piece of house furniture because it must be a one-time purchase.

Mirrored Wardrobe

A full-length mirror should be a need in your bedroom if taking a good check of your clothing before leaving is a significant component of your morning routine. However, you can just purchase mirrored wardrobes rather than making room for a dressing table or a standalone mirror.


This designer Cupboard contains a variety of compact bedroom cabinets with single, double, and triple doors. Additionally, for maximum durability, these compact cabinets are manufactured in sheesham hardwoods and sold online.

Invest in long-lasting home furnishings!

Blend purpose and style into your house with contemporary, trendy, and traditional furniture from Urbanwood that matches your preferences, way of life, and price range. Our online furniture store will offer your house a modern appearance that is always in style and has a timeless feel. Our broad selection of products, which range from coffee tables to TV units, sofas to bookshelves, and office armchairs to shoe racks, will satisfy all of your needs. The appropriate furnishings may make your house feel like home. Each space should be a clear reflection of your style and taste. You may shop online at Urbanwood for furniture that will take the attractiveness of your space to a new level.


How do you measure the size of an almirah?

According to industry standards, the solid wood almirah measures 6' height. The closet in this example is 3' x 6', or 18 square feet. If you are still having problems with measurements, the Urbanwoods team is here to help.

Which wardrobe style is ideal for a bedroom?

When it comes to upgrading your home, the best investment is a solid wood wardrobe. It's a one time investment as compared to other fancy options available in the market. So, just click on our website link to find the best sheesham wood furniture across PAN India. 

How should I maintain and clean my almirah?

A thorough dusting should remove most of the dirt and fingerprints from the surface. With a wet cloth, you can clean the surface. Refrain from using a lot of water or abrasive detergents and cleaning agents. If necessary, apply a gentle cleaning solution to remove stains.

How do I pick the correct wardrobe size?

Always Take Your Space Measurements First, when choosing furniture. If your room is small, avoid purchasing large pieces of furniture. For this, customized furniture can play a key role for you. UrbanWood has a wide selection of standard sizes, but you can also go for customization if required, which totally depends upon the availability of space.

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