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What Should I Consider Before Buying a Sheesham Wood Bed?

Purchasing a bed is a decision that warrants considerable thought. In addition to a large investment, you expect comfort and good quality sleep. That is why it is vital to check out various factors before making a choice. Take a look at the different parameters listed below 

Material quality

One of the most crucial factors you need to take a look at is the construction of the material. It is because the bed's life expectancy depends on its material quality. For instance, if you opt for a premium quality Sheesham wood bed, it will last for an extended period of time. 


Another interesting parameter to consider is your purpose. In order to choose a bed, you need to know why you need it. For instance, if you only need to sleep on it, a single bed is enough. But if you have kids or any other family member to share the bed with, you will need King Size Bed Design or queen size beds. 

Bedframe Size

The size of the bed frame is crucial. That is because neglecting this factor will cause space availability issues. For example, if you need more space to sleep or you tend to move here and there while sleeping, a king-size bed is an excellent choice.


The space in the bedroom is critical. You need to consider the amount of space you have to keep the bed before making any purchasing decisions. If space is an issue or you want to opt for a bed that doubles as a drawer, you can opt for beds with storage spaces or hydraulic beds. It will keep the room tidy and organized while offering storage space at the same time.


Perhaps, the biggest factor that you need to pay attention to is your bed price. You need to first decide how much you can spend on buying the bed furniture. After that, it becomes easier to browse through the options and make a choice. You can buy a bed online, where you can also find beds for sale, or walk directly into a store. 


Style is another essential factor that needs consideration. Since it is a once-in-a-lifetime type of investment, you don't want to make a bad purchase. You should consider the room's existing décor before considering bed designs. Make sure that the bed complements the theme of the room and enhances its aesthetics. 

Different Types of Sheesham Wood Bed

UrbanWood offers an exclusive range of beds, meant to satisfy the needs of different users. Here are some of the categories listed 

King Size Beds

The dimensions of the king-size bed vary from design to design but mattress Size is 72”x78”. It is best suited for couples with one child. The innovative designs and rich texture add to the beauty of the room.

Trending king size beds products include – Morgana Bed With Storage ( King Size, Honey Finish ), Trace bed without storage (King size, walnut finish), Berlin wooden hydraulic bed (king size, honey finish) etc.

Queen Size Beds

The dimensions of the queen-size bed vary from design to design but mattress Size is 60”x78”. These beds are generally used as a couple bed. It is narrower than the king size bed. The contemporary designs, along with aesthetic handwork, make these beds appealing. You can also choose between the availability of drawer or box storage and no storage.

Check out our most popular queen size beds – Jerry wooden hydraulic bed (Queen size, honey finish), Morgana bed with storage (Queen size, teak finish), Harris bed without storage (Queen size, walnut finish), etc.

Single Beds

Single beds are best suited for people who sleep alone, students, etc. Elegance, outstanding craftsmanship, and high-quality materials make these beds an excellent choice. You can also choose a single beds with or without storage space based on your needs.

Here are some trending single beds – Babson single bed with storage (honey finish), Thomas single bed without storage (teak finish), etc. 

Hydraulic Storage Beds

With different dimensions, hydraulic storage beds are best for people who want comfort and space. Check out our most sought-after hydraulic storage beds – Berlin wooden hydraulic bed, the Solid wooden hydraulic bed, etc. 

Beds with Storage

A bed with storage is an ideal option if space is limited in your home. This way, you can enjoy the comfort of a bed while storing different items in the space provided. These beds can have pull-out drawers fitted on the side, drawers in front of the bed, water-driven storage, or box storage. 

A few of the trendiest ones include Jerry wooden bed with drawer storage (king size, honey finish), Ross wooden hydraulic bed (queen size, honey finish), and Solid wooden bed with box storage (king size, teak finish).

Sofa Cum Beds

Do you have frequent guests coming over? In that case, accommodating them for the night can be a hassle. For that, choosing sofa beds is an excellent idea. These can be used for sitting during the day and transformed into beds at night. 
UrbanWood offers a wide range of folding beds for visitors. Their attractive design and extended durability make them appealing. These are available in different sizes – queen size, king size, twin size, and full size. Take a look at our most popular products –  sofa cum beds (King size, honey finish), sofa cum bed (Teak finish), etc. 

Double Beds

As the name suggests, double beds are for couples or people who sleep with another person. You can also choose between the availability of storage space and no storage space. The innovative designer bed and functionality make them worth the investment.
Our trending double bed with storage include the Hover bed with hydraulic storage (King size, walnut finish), Ross wooden bed with drawer storage (King size, teak finish), etc. 

Poster Beds

Do you love vintage furniture? In that case, opting for a poster bed will add to the vintage theme of the bedroom. Poster beds offer a traditional outlook and are an excellent purchase option. 

UrbanWood takes great pride in the beautiful poster beds it offers. These beds are made from premium quality Sheesham wood, making them long-lasting. With beautiful craftsmanship, the poster beds are one-of-a-kind. These are available in two sizes – king and queen. 

Diwan Beds

If you are interested in something different than a traditional bed, you can opt for diwan beds. Apart from that, you can keep it in the living room and use it as a working area. Guests can use it to sleep for the night as well. These beds are made by joining two sections- a sleeping pad and a divan bed base. 

Made from Sheesham wood, these beds are aesthetically pleasing. Here are our trending diwan beds – Joe diwan bed (honey finish), Smelt diwan bed (teak finish), etc.

Platform Beds

Are you wondering what a platform bed is? It is a bed that has a shorter height when compared to a traditional bed. These are more suited for people who cannot use beds with extended heights. 

At UrbanWood, we offer an impressive range of platform beds. These beds are made from top-quality Sheesham wood furniture. The mesmerizing design and attention to detail make the platform beds a worthy choice. 

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UrbanWood offers a wide range of beds with attractive deals, discounts, and options. It is the leading platform for different types of furniture items. Here, you will come across the latest collection of top-quality bed designs

Do you want to opt for a durable yet cost-effective bed? In that case, visit UrbanWood and browse our exciting bed designs today, or walk into any of our walk-in stores for an amazing one-on-one shopping experience at

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How to choose the right size beds for your bedroom?

The dimensions of the king-size bed vary from design to design but mattress Size is 72”x78”. The dimensions of the queen-size bed vary from design to design but mattress Size is 60”x78”.  Measure the size of your room before ordering a double bed.

How to measure your bedroom and ensure that a beds will fit?

Measurements can be taken on your own, or you can hire a specialist to help. Getting the perfect size and dimensions now will save you future trouble. If you are falling short on space, you can get your bed customized as well. 

How to compare prices and find the best deal on a sheesham wood bed?

Our website features different categories of beds. Whatever is your choice and your budget , we can help you with everything that you need.

How to assemble a beds that is delivered in pieces?

You don't need to worry about it all. Leave it to us and enjoy a free assembly service at your doorstep by our specialists. All you need to do is place the order and enjoy our hassle free delivery and assembly services.

Do you have platform beds in stock?

Yes, of course, we have many variants of platform beds specially designed for the ones who are looking for a low-lying bed. We use memory form for relieving you from any spine problems.

Can you customize sheesham wood bed as per our requirement?

Customization is always been our forte. You can call us for any assistance or support you require in this process. Our customer support team is always available to help you out.

Is Sheesham wood furniture worth the investment in the long term? 

Sheesham wood is the most durable wood for any furniture. Its long-term use is the USP of this furniture. You can easily shop for any piece of furniture from Urbanwood at very pocket-friendly price. Visit our website now.

How many bed designs do you have in stock?

We have all designs in stock, so you can order any options that fit your choice from our catalog. Feel free to order anything that you see on our website. We will be happy to serve you.

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