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Gurgaon has been a city of people with a fancy and luxurious approach to life. People here understand that luxury adds value to life. That is why they never compromise on quality.  Be it a vehicle, furniture, or anything else. Because we constantly think that you should be a part of our lives forever, UrbanWood never disappoints on your Home Furniture expectations . When it comes to our products, we never compromise on quality.

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Solid Wood Poster Beds

Purchase solid Sheesham wood poster beds in India. Available in all sizes (King and Queen) and with various storage options, including top opening storage, drawer storage, and regulars.

OFFER PRICE (inclusive of all taxes)

₹57,350 ₹139,099
  • Made in Solid Sheesham Wood.
  • The unique texture of this lovable poster bed looks very classy when polished.
  • 1 Year Warranty & Free Delivery All India.
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Your best furniture shop in Gurgaon must have a sense of continuity. There needs to be a sense of consistency between the living room, dining tables, and even the design of the beds, whether through colour, style, or design components. If not, your house will resemble a mixture of styles. Therefore, select a wooden furniture store Gurgaon that is comparable in some way, unless you're trying for a retro design. You must carefully select the material of your furniture if you want it to last for a long time. UrbanWood tries to meet all your expectations, from contemporary furniture to modern style. You only need to click on our website link to view our exciting promotions and our vast selection of Sheesham wood furniture.

Gurgaon: A Hub of Home Furnishings and Decor ( Furniture Stores in Gurgaon )

Solid wood furniture has a highly upscale appearance. It creates a cosy environment that is warm and inviting. For that, you need to ensure that you have the patterns, colours, and styles you require. There are many different types of furniture, and many people choose according to their unique preferences. You must hunt for a reputable furniture store in Gurgaon in order to obtain this necessary furniture for each area of your house. This, in many respects, is the secret to your happiness and success in this area. You may find all the options you require and the proper quality at a reputable furniture store in Gurgaon. You may even purchase furniture on EMI at the UrbanWood store. Where in Gurgaon can you purchase Indian furniture online? The ideal location for purchasing online furniture in Gurgaon is UrbanWood.

Select The Ideal Furniture for Your House or Place of Work

Furniture is one of the most necessary elements of any house, hotel, or restaurant. It includes all of the room's furniture and decorations. Customers desire to choose furniture producers and exporters that offer products that are fashionable or unique in some other way.

Bedroom Furniture

The bedroom must be a personal area apart from the public areas designed to welcome guests. It is mostly used for sleeping, relaxing, taking care of oneself, storing clothing, getting dressed and undressed, etc. Bed Frames, bedroom wardrobes, nightstands, bed benches, and chairs are examples of necessary bedroom furniture you can purchase. If you’re looking for a new bed for yourself or a loved one, it can be challenging when you find names and terms that you've never heard of throughout your search. Depending on the manufacturer, a double bed price in Gurgaon and design may vary.

Office Furniture

The environment at the workplace should have an impact on how productive the team is. Everyone understands that workplace productivity is its heart and soul. If you want your staff to work with zeal and positivity; you need to focus on the interiors and office chairs in Gurgaon. You can do this to alter the ambiance of your office as a whole.

Sofa Sets

Selecting the best sofa sets in Gurgaon, Delhi or online store for your drawing room is an important aspect of your interior planning because you want to spend quality time there. You wouldn't want to purchase a sofa in a hurry just to discover that it fell short of your expectations.

Living Room Furniture

The centre point of your house is the living room. Make sure the room has enough furnishings to accommodate a large group of people. Give visitors enough room to move around the area without feeling crowded. coffee tables, end tables, sofa cum beds, sofas, chest of drawers, bookcases, wall shelves, diwan beds and consoles are a few examples of tables and cabinetry you can purchase.

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Where can I buy the best traditional wooden furniture in Gurgaon?

If you're looking for the most affordable wooden furniture in Gurgaon, Urban Wood is the perfect option. They have been in business for decades and provide the highest caliber Sheesham wood furniture at a decent cost.

Is there any warranty on the wooden furniture in Gurgaon?

There are no misleading assurances made by the company. If the item is made from genuine Sheesham wood, then it comes with a lifetime pest control warranty.

How do I get customized furniture in Gurgaon for my home?

You can always modify your wooden furniture at the best furniture shop in Gurgaon to match the style of your home or office. Choose a store that can assist you in getting a customized Sheesham product with the right finishing.

How long shall I expect to get my products delivered?

The day after you finish your work, shipping gets started. If a holiday occurs, delivery of the order will start the next working day.

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UrbanWood is an online shopping destination that features the furniture of your dreams and reflects your personality with free home delivery.

- Warranty Coverage

Urbanwood offers a complete 12-month warranty covering any manufacturing defects you encounter.

- Easy Returns

Our return policy has always been simple and easy. For any questions or difficulties with this, get in touch with our staff.

- Dedicated Customer Care

The dedicated customer service team is here to assist you in every manner possible. Call us with any questions or issues with your home and workplace furnishings.

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