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Wall Shelves

While styling your home, Wall shelves need no presentation. Wall racks add immortal style and polish to any home or office space. They are an ideal piece of shelves for decorating those exhausting and straightforward walls for living room furniture. An optimal method to show your assortments, photograph outlines, and different masterpieces are by shopping online for wall racks. At Urbanwood, we present the best assortment of current, contemporary, mixed, and pioneer wall shelves accessible in a horde of idiosyncratic tones, conceals, plans, and examples that will leave you spoilt for decision.

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The Wall rack framework is an extreme embellishing extra and strong capacity decor furniture for any home or office space. Investigate the noteworthy scope of solid wooden shelves at our online store and add complexity to your home stylistic theme.

Browse beautiful cupboards, wall hangings, wooden shelves design in different examples, and significantly more for each side of your home. Discover amazing embellishing pieces, wall rack plans, timekeepers, and mirrors online here at the best cost in India that will supplement your home stylistic layout. From customary long wooden wall shelf in a few sizes, we have everything in our online furniture store.

With regards to getting sorted out or adorning a space in your home, you need containers, shelves, closets, and associated things. At Urbanwood, we have the right arrangement as wooden wall shelves. According to your shape, size, plan, and shading decision, you can discover and purchase the best wall rack online from Urban wood.

After the establishment of our characteristically planned solid wood furniture, you can without much of a stretch decorates your lounge room and show your assets. Other than wall shelves, you can purchase decals, enriching mirrors, mirrors, lights, growers, canvases, wall-mounted aquariums, wall plates, wooden timekeepers, wooden hangings, and brilliant furnishings, and photograph outlines.

Explore Our Wide Range Of Decorative Wooden Wall Shelves Online At Urbanwood

Wall Shelves For Bedroom:- On the off chance that you have a little space to work with, attempt wall-mounted shelves in small triangles.'Hold nothing back is misrepresented. Just stick the wooden wall shelf in stacks in a desolate corner to make a beautifying vignette that showcases your number one articles like a pruned plant, books, a jar of new blossoms, or photograph frames in the bedroom.

Wall Shelves For Kitchen:- The secret to boosting space with kitchen wall shelves is to utilize all surfaces. Take a stab at utilizing skimming shelves up and down the wall of your kitchen for spotless, negligible lines and incredible availability to all your ceramics.

These strong wooden wall shelves are really stylish and down to earth, and don't commit the normal error of neglecting to utilize the underside! Hang mugs and spoons under, from snares, to make the best of the space you have!

Multifunctional Wall Shelves can fill the two needs – utility and appearance. Make a lively presentation and go off the deep end with various shapes and points by gathering wall shelves of various sizes. Likewise, you can utilize blended media to feature on the shelves, or use it as an extra space for all your (and your children’s) books.

When choosing wall shelves online, stay with the overall topic of the room. On the off chance that the room is uncovered, pick beefy wooden wall shelves to add heave to an exposed alcove. In case it's more ladylike or has clean lines and florals, pick more precise and slimmer fittings.

Wall Shelves For Showcase:- Have an artwork, sonnet, or piece of furniture design you're particularly glad for? Or on the other hand, a family representation with each of the three ages maybe, taken as of late at a wedding? Hoist your specialty and loved minutes by making your own personal individual exhibition with wall shelves, stacked and lurched across your wall.

Various Types Of Wall Shelf Design Available At Lowest Prices

Fishbone Shelf: This assortment is creative, secluded, and adaptable. Pivot the racks whichever way you'd like – the special shape accepts books from any point. These would glimpse brilliant inside a cutting-edge Scandinavian-style inside.

Supershelf Floating Shelf: Do you require an additional rack for your comic room? Books conceal the rack unit and the superman pattern appends attractively. This piece is metal divider workmanship you can utilize each day.

Drifting Shelf: Have you at any point thought about how these "drifting" shelves work? Essentially slide the rack within a huge and strong book, and slip the base cover into the little snares that sit flush against the divider to keep the cover from hanging.

Flexible Shelf: Combining stylish Nordic impact with a slight mechanical edge, this particular racking framework is a simple method to add tone and grow to stockpile simultaneously. Each set incorporates two retirements however adding more is simple with the special association framework.

Precious stone Cross Shelf: Interiors planned around mathematical examples could thoroughly utilize this rack! Three levels offer a lot of room for little pruned plants and books.

Pinnacle Shelf: Gold pronunciations add moment class to any room. This smoothed-out rack gets consideration from a long way off while keeping a position of safety structure suitable for more modest spaces.

Three-sided Shelves: Asymmetrical stylistic layout is an incredible method to separate the inflexibility of a mathematical stylistic theme subject. As this picture represents, it's not difficult to complement the rack by tucking knick-knacks or trimmings inside the triangle.

Square Shelves: It doesn't get a lot less complex than this. These square retreats catch consideration with their thick and alluring casings, with a lot of room to store things on top and inside. Each set incorporates every one of the three sizes and they're accessible in dark as well.

Corner Shelf: There are two different ways to hang this flexible rack! Not at all like other corners, this one can likewise fold over the actual corner – an incredible answer for convoluted spaces.

Storyline Bookshelf: Shaped like a horizon, this rack would add a hint of dynamic interest to a moderate or futurist-style home. Furthermore, fussbudgets with some additional time can ensure all their diversely measured books structure a straight line.

Horizon Shelf: Here's another horizon-themed shelf for the New Yorker within each one of us. This is most certainly an articulation piece. Everyone is cut from strong wood and fabricated in India.

Frequently Customer Questions & Answers

What are the wall shelves made of?

Each wall shelf is hand-made using a Sheesham wooden packaging that gives an incredibly extraordinary finishing.

What are your conveyance strategies?

We generally speak during the working days. We will work with you to your optimal conveyance day on open conveyances, where packs have been mentioned. Lead times for things and packs will change depending upon the things mentioned. While presenting your solicitation an associate gives you a normal conveyance time frame.

How do you organize wall shelves?

Benevolently contemplate the size of your parlor, the shade of other furniture kept in the parlor district, and the part of this wall shelves preceding placing in a solicitation.

Where should you put shelves on a wall?

For placing wall shelves above a sofa, measure up to 10 inches above the sofa. When you are placing it on a hallway wall, measure up to 5-6 feet from the floor. For placing the wall shelves on a dining room or living room wall, place I up to 4-4.5 feet above the floor.

How much weight does a wall shelf hold?

The weight held by the wall shelves primarily depends upon the brackets of the shelf. However, if it is installed correctly then approximately they'll hold the specified maximum weight ranging from 20 lbs to 600 lbs or more.

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