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Poster Beds

Buy Online Poster Bed at Competitive Prices: The world of furniture is ruled by a poster bed with storage, which is regarded as having the highest status and monarchy. These were the favourites of the monarchs in the past as well as now. The hardwood four poster bed available online are the true show-stoppers that will saturate your bedroom with warmth, luxury, and elegance while stealing all the show. Poster beds have many advantages. The extra features, such as storage drawers and larger size, keep you cosy while the beauty is good enough to keep you hooked. We Provide customized furniture for poster beds. 

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Types of Poster Beds

Everybody has unique tastes, so some could prefer classic poster beds while others prefer contemporary options in the collection. For those who prefer their poster beds to be created to their specifications, we have the greatest facility to satiate your appetite for creativity, which is customized furniture.

Poster Beds with storage

The king of the family of poster beds is four poster beds with storage. The beds have elaborate headboards and offer a better or high post at each corner. Four-poster beds might be a suitable bed option for a bedroom that is quite large.

Poster Queen size beds

A queen bed provides enough room for more than two persons while being a little less than a king-size poster bed. Additionally, it has the ideal amount of area and offers adequate space for people of medium height to sleep soundly without feeling uncomfortable

Poster Single beds

For many people, a single bed is a must in their new house. The concept of lying on a mat on the ground won't fly if you move into a shared house in a new place or a home on your own. So, if you need the most complete offers available right now, go to the UrbanWood website and look for "Poster Bed Online"!

Single cot bed

When there is just one person and their bed is their favourite area, a hardwood single cot is an essential piece of furniture. The primary appeal of a single person's bedroom is always its good size and variety of options.

Poster Hydraulic storage beds

When you look closely, you can see a wooden platform or structure that extends just below the region where the bedding rests on the hydraulic storage beds, but at first glance, they look like a regular conventional bed. The hydraulic piston along either end supports the platform and mattress when they are lifted, much like a car's hatchback does while you are loading it with your belongings.

Poster Platform beds

Get platform bed types from Urban Wood's trendy collection, which features many aesthetics. These online platform beds made of Sheesham wood poster beds include beautifully patterned headboards with skilled designs and various wood finish coatings.

Designer Poster bed

To make it simple to pick your preference, Designer Beds at UrbanWood are split into various combinations. Your furniture requirements are always met here, with a range of sizes and amazing modern bed design concepts. This modern four poster bed and luxury four poster bed are available online, and their sparkling polishes start the best-ever style that will be charming for decades to come.

Poster Double beds

A double bed is the most essential part of today's bedrooms because it serves many functions and comes in a variety of configurations. UrbanWood has a selection because of double beds for you, ranging from a basic double bed to one that is fully equipped and multipurpose.

Canopy Poster Beds

These are an additional variety of four poster beds with a Canopy. The bed has four posts, similar to a four poster bed, and a tester or roof that connects them. This roof serves as a frame for the cloth used to cover the bed. Because the bed is covered in fabric, it offers warmth and privacy.

Decorating with poster beds and Furniture 

Wooden furniture online

Since time immemorial, wood furniture has ruled the realm of furniture and helps to calm the atmosphere and mood of the poster bedroom. The elegant and understated appearance that captures the souls of many is dictated by the wooden home furnishings. Traditional wood house furnishings have a classic appeal, whereas contemporary and modern homes have an attractive appearance.

Sheesham wood furniture

Find and explore the fascinating selection of genuine Sheesham wood poster beds available at our web store to bring amazing beauty to your room. You can choose from a wide selection of uniquely designed poster bed designs. We offer solid wood poster beds, 4 poster beds, king poster beds, and other types of bed posters.

Buy furniture online

It is now simple to buy wooden furniture in India online that exactly matches your interior design. You may order ready-made and custom solid wood furniture from Urbanwood online. We have furniture that is up-to-date and perfectly suited for contemporary homes. Additionally, you can Custom furniture for your house online.

Online furniture store

You can find a fantastic selection of wooden furniture at UrbanWood. This is the place for you if you're thinking of getting customized furniture! Our incredible selection of modular furniture with distinctive designs is available for your dining room, living room, and more. Choose the one that best fits your needs and personal style from our online furniture store.

Wooden sofa cum bed

The wooden sofa cum bed might be the ideal option if you live in a small home. So, by combining these incredible nook sofa cum bed designs, you may turn the drab areas of your house into a joyful space. You may get a sofa bed online in a wide variety of styles and materials to match your home's interior design.

Diwan furniture

Your home's décor will look great with the traditional diwan furniture made up of attractive designs. Our selection of stylish Diwan beds online includes the most attractive styles that may effectively overcome your room's barriers.

Jodhpur Furniture

Do you want to buy authentic Rajasthani furniture online to decorate your home with? Visit Urbanwood, a super-smooth and simple-to-use online furniture store in Jodhpur. We offer you finely crafted, beautiful jodhpurs timber furnishings to introduce the traditional sentiments while also modifying them to fit well with modern household settings.

Benefits of Poster Beds 

Ideal for families

Four-poster beds are ideal if you have a large family and worry about others entering your room without permission. They create the ideal balance between letting guests into your room and maintaining your bed's privacy.

Suitable for temperature regulation

Poster beds are designed to produce heat inside, they may be the ideal sleeping arrangement for the winter if you live in an older home with leaky doors and windows. And when summertime arrives, you can just draw the curtains to take advantage of the chilly evenings.

Feel cosy all around

Although you may feel secure in your house, 4 poster beds are a terrific way to feel protected. Something about being tucked under a blanket and surrounded by drapes makes you feel isolated from the outside world. When flies find their way inside during the summer, these kinds of bedding are also fantastic.

Change the aura

If you're stuck for ideas, a four-poster bed is a terrific way to add individuality to a room and may make a statement right away. If you choose a four-poster bed with an antique appearance, it may include decorative accents that enhance the room.


What materials are poster beds made of?

At Urbanwood Four Poster Beds were first crafted from high-quality solid Sheesham wood, which ensures the durability and sturdiness of the poster bed. It is available in three different finishes honey, teak, and walnut, which you can choose from to match your interiors.

Are 4 poster beds comfortable?

One of the strongest and most durable beds that provide exceptional comfort is the 4 poster bed. They work better than a regular bed and are ideal for people who suffer from back pain.

Can a 4-poster bed be used with any size mattress?

The standard size for king and queen-size beds is available at Urbanwood, so you don't need to worry about mattress size. Therefore, you can avoid buying a new mattress if you already own one of those sizes. Additionally, we can customize the four-poster bed according to the measurements you provide if you already own a mattress.

How do I decorate a bedroom with a 4-poster bed?

The room appears smaller and has a visual barrier due to the four poster beds. To gain a few valuable inches of floor area and create the appearance that your bedroom is larger, utilize wall-mounted headboards without a footboard.

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