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Bed Design

This New Year, Renovate Your Bedroom with Designer Bed: A stylish bedroom should be a reflection of who you are while also being a functional and useful environment. The flooring, walls, furniture, accessories, double bed design, decor, and lighting in a designer bedroom should all work together seamlessly to improve the design aesthetics and raise your mood while you're in your private haven. Additionally, advanced technologies have added the greatest level of convenience to our daily lives. A wooden beds design might be the ideal option for your bedroom rather than choosing any other bed type. Modern bed designs, whether they are modern or traditional, easily blend comfort, flexibility, and durability. New bed design also provides a sense of classic style and character to your bedroom.

Bed Designs with Price

Product Name Price
Trace Platform Single Bed
Couve Platform Single Bed
Nora Diwan Bed
Hugo Low Floor Bed ( Queen Size )
Jordan Low Floor Double Bed ( King size )₹38,700
Babson Without Storage Bed ( King size )
Berlin Wooden Double Bed
Morgana Hydraulic Storage Bed
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Discover the Morden New Bed Design for Your Bedroom!

Wooden bed designs come in a variety of shapes and styles these days, both online and in specific stores. The challenge is to choose one that best suits your requirements and goes in with the other of the room's decor. Here are a few unique wooden bed design ideas that you should think about to make a sensible choice.

Queen Size Bed Design: The hardwood queen size beds is without a doubt the most common option for classic bedrooms when it comes to bed bases. You can get queen-size bed ideas in this category made of real wood or plywood, with the latter usually costing more due to its focus on the high luxury and durability of the raw product. Urbanwood offers you the single greatest choice of bed design with price ideas at some of the finest prices available in India.

King Size Bed Design: Nowadays, bed designs with storage have a variety of purposes in addition to serving as a place for sleeping, including serving as storage areas, cot additions, or even sofas. Your bedroom will serve several purposes with contemporary king size beds from Urbanwood; its style will blend in beautifully with your curtains and the decor of the walls.

Platform Beds Design: Platform beds can be an ideal option if you wish to give your bedroom a modern, sleek appearance. Use bedding on it that suits your needs. Because of their level base, platform beds provide the best back support for the entire body. These beds don't take up a lot of room, and their sleek design reduces clutter. They are ideal for stylish apartments with limited space.

Single Bed Design: For small bedrooms, single beds are a great solution. To provide some more walking space, it is also simple to place a bed in a corner.

No matter how trendy or classic, a single bed's design is far more significant than it may first appear. This furniture bed design may allow you to keep a classic style while also saving some room with the appropriate design. You may keep the bedroom clutter-free by using single beds. 

Double Bed with Storage Design: A double bed serves many uses and is the most popular simple bed design in today's modern world. There is a vast range of double beds available on the market today, from a basic full-size bed to one that is loaded, trendy, and multipurpose. A double bed with storage is ideal for keeping extra clothing, footwear, bed linens, pillows, and winter necessities like quilts and comforters.

Diwan Beds: Get a diwan bed that fits your requirements and aesthetic preferences by shopping online at Urbanwood for a selection of styles that include small wooden diwan alternatives to the bed design latest. We have a diwan beds perfect for you at Urbanwood, whether you're a working professional searching for a versatile furniture item or a family.

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Sofa Cum Beds Design

If there isn't enough room for you to rest and relax, a sofa that also doubles as a bed might not be of much use to you. You will feel more at ease if you pick a sofa cum beds that has enough room. Additionally, you should think about the sofa bed design and make sure it works with your room.

Box Bed Design

The lavishness of a wooden box bed design is unmatched. A box bed with storage is the ideal combination of design and usefulness. Its clean, simple design keeps it a stylish complement to any room, and the extra storage area satisfies all of your storage requirements. The box bed design is the ideal use of space because they provide the most closet space.

Poster Bed Design

Everyone has various tastes, so some could prefer classic poster beds while others prefer trendy options in the collection. For those who desire their 4 poster beds to be made according to their desires, we have the greatest facility to slake your hunger for creativity, which is Custom furniture

Online Furniture Store

When you search for "bed ke design" online Urbanwood is the best option for your online furniture shopping. Whether you are looking for modern bed designs for your bedroom or a sofa set bed for your living room all you can get here with our professional help.

Wooden Furniture Online

It is now simpler to get your preferred furniture pieces for all of your demands due to online furniture shopping. Say bye to the laborious walk for furniture pieces in busy traffic and brick-and-mortar stores. Like if you search for "bed ki design" you will get thousands of options due to the broad selection of furniture designs that Urbanwood offers available for each category, including décor, bedroom furniture, and soft furnishings.


What is the best way to design a bedroom?

Consider using subtle colours.
Make sure you can move.
Consider your furniture's apparent weight.
Add layers of lighting.
Choose a bed storage bed to give your room a mess-free look.
Customize to your taste.

How to design a bedroom with a low budget?

Add soft furnishings.
Add Mirrors.
Add layers and contrast colours.
Choose a Low-profile bed in a simple bedroom.
Less is more.

How can I pick the right bed for me?

Generally, side sleepers should seek out bedding that can cushion the impact points in the medium-soft to medium-firm range. Beds that are Medium Firm to Firm and only feature light conforming are best for back and stomach sleepers.

What kind of bed is most popular?

The most popular bed size is a queen size bed.   Due to its comfort and size, customers move to buy this 60" x 80" bed.

What is the best material for bedroom furniture?

Various materials can be utilized for various bedroom types. An assortment of bed styles is accessible among which clients can pick their preferred material. Prevalent quality materials are utilized like solid wood, Sheesham wood, upholstery, and so on.

How to pick the right bed for my bedroom?

There are sure factors to be considered before choosing the legitimate bed accommodating your bedroom. The variables by and large reach from bedroom space to the kind of style it has, bedding prerequisites for the number of people, etc.

What scope of beds do you have?

Various types of beds are accessible in Urbanwood like wooden beds, foldable beds, double beds, king-size beds and queen size beds, beds with storage, and numerous others.

How many types of bed designs are there?

On the off chance that you are looking for some bed designs, you can browse any of the various sorts, for example, single bed design, box bed design, room bed design, kids bed design, and Sheesham wood bed design among others.

How do I choose a bed design?

For a grown-up room, the box bed design or single bed design can function admirably. For a kids' room, a kid's bed design will be the most appropriate.

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