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Double Bed Design

Double Bed Designs Latest Collection in 2023Double beds are spacious beds that make your sleep comfortable after an exhausting day. They have enough space for singles and extra space for doubles. We have some amazing collections for you if you plan to replace your old-styled bed with a modern-day double bed design. Our beds are manufactured with premium quality wood and state-of-the-art technologies that ensure durability, comfort, and value for your money. We Provide customized furniture for a designer double bed.

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Product Name Price
Hugo Low Floor Platform Bed
Trace Platform Bed
Jordan Low Floor Double Bed
Morgana Wooden Double Bed
Harris Wooden Double Bed
Solic Wooden Double Bed
Topaz Hydraulic Storage Bed
Hover Bed with Hydraulic Storage
Berlin Wooden Hydraulic Bed
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Buy the Latest Double Bed Designs Online at Urbanwood

We offer a variety of beds at UrbanWood, the top furniture shopping website. You can browse the exclusive collection and the various best double bed design categories that are offered. The best option for you is the bed that combines the best usefulness and style. UrbanWood is the greatest place to buy beds online for bedrooms.

How should I choose a double bed design for buying online?

When purchasing a double bed design latest 2023, it is important to give considerable thought to the decision. In addition to being a major investment, you should expect comfort and a good night's sleep. Therefore, it is essential to consider a variety of factors before making a decision. Check out the different Modern double bed design parameters listed below -

Material Quality: One of the most crucial factors you need to look at is the construction of the material. That is because the life span of the bed depends on the material quality. For instance, if you opt for a premium quality Sheesham wood bed, it will last for an extended period of time.

The Purpose: Your goals are another fascinating factor to take into account. You must first comprehend why you require the bed. For instance, a single bed suffices if you are the only person using it to sleep. However, you will need a king or modern queen size bed design if you have children or any other family members to share the bed with. In addition, beds with storage are a wonderful idea if you need storage space.

The Size of Double Beds: The bedframe's size is quite important. That's because ignoring it will result in problems with space availability. If you purchase a bed with a large bed frame, it might not fit the space appropriately. For instance, if you frequently relocate here or need additional room to sleep, you need to search for and buy double bed designs with a box or the latest double bed with box prices.

Space: The bedroom's size is important. Before making any purchases, you must take into account the available space for the bed. You can choose beds with storage areas or hydraulic storage beds if space is a concern or if you want a mattress that also functions as a drawer. It provides storage while also maintaining the cleanliness and organization of the space.

Budget: Your budget may be the most important element that requires your attention. Prior to purchasing the double bed design wooden, you must choose your budget. After that, it is simpler to look through the choices and choose one.

Style: Another crucial element that must be taken into account in style. You don't want to choose poorly because it's an investment that only comes around once in a lifetime. Examine the bed designs after taking into account the room's current aesthetic. Choose a bed that fits the room's theme and improves its aesthetic appeal.

Check Out the Newest Double Bed Designs for 2023 ["Har Zarurat Hoti Hai Khaas" ] 

King Size Double Bed Designs

A king-size bed has measurements of 72" by 78" (mattress size). Couples who have kids or pets sleeping with them are the ideal candidates. 

There are three different finishes for the beds: honey, teak, and walnut. Additionally, you can choose between king-size beds with and without storage. The Babson bed with storage (king size, honey finish), the Trace bed without storage (king size, walnut finish), the Berlin wooden hydraulic bed (king size, honey finish), and others are popular king size beds products.

Queen Size Double Bed Designs

60" by 78" (mattress size) is the size of a queen-size bed. Typically, a couple and their little one use these beds. Compared to a king-size bed, it is smaller. For varied tastes, UrbanWood has a unique assortment of queen size beds.

See some of our best-selling queen-size beds, including the Jerry wooden hydraulic bed (queen size, honey finish), the Morgana bed with storage (queen size, teak finish), the Harris bed without storage (queen size, walnut finish), etc.

Hydraulic Storage Double Bed Designs

An amazing selection of hydraulic storage beds is available from UrbanWood. Made from the finest Sheesham wood, these bed hydraulic goods exhibit great engineering excellence. Check out some of our most popular hydraulic storage beds, including the Solid wooden hydraulic bed (king size, walnut finish), the Berlin wooden hydraulic bed (king size, honey finish), and more. You can even search for the latest double bed designs with a box.

Platform Double Bed Designs

Do you have any questions about platform beds? It is a bed lower off the ground than a typical one. These are better suited for those who are unable to use beds with elevated heights.

Platform beds come in a wide variety at UrbanWood. High-quality Sheesham woods are used to construct these beds.


What are some latest double bed designs in 2023?

UrbanWood has all the latest double bed designs be it with storage, without storage, drawer storage and many more. Click on the website link to get a complete view of all varieties of double beds.

What are the modern double bed designs in 2023? 

If you're planning to replace your old-styled bed with a modern-day double bed design, we have some amazing collections for you. 

Where can I buy a double bed with storage in India? 

You can buy a double bed from UrbanWood, online and offline both. They provide amazing services. 

Where should I purchase a double bed for my room?

Purchasing a double bed may require many options, but UrbanWood has got you covered. We have all designs, from contemporary to modern.

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