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Solid Wood Bed

Shop Sheesham Wood Bed Online at Best Prices in India: One of your home's most private spaces is your bedroom, thus it should be decorated in a way that improves your mood. It serves as both a getaway for rejuvenation and a reflection of your personality. A truly expensive purchase is a luxury solid wood bed. The most common kind of bed is made of Sheesham wood bed because they are durable material. There are other space-conscious solutions to consider when buying bedroom furniture online, such as a solid wood bed with storage. We follow a strict sourcing strategy and make heavy use of cutting-edge technology, which results in each of our Sheesham bed designs being extremely durable. To ensure ideal moisture content and minimize seasonal expansion or contraction, our wood is perfectly seasoned. Whether you choose a solid wood double bed or Customized furniture, your product develops beautifully and shows no signs of ageing because of these quality controls.

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Benefits Of Buying a Solid Wood Storage Bed

Lifelong longevity and high-quality materials: The fact that they are built with superior materials that will stand the test of time is one of the major benefits of the luxury solid wood queen size bed with storage. A solid wood double bed is built using joinery techniques including dowels, mortises, tenons, and aligns. The longevity of a Sheesham wood king size bed with storage is an additional benefit. It might be possible to recycle old items and create new ones.

Easy to Maintain: Wooden bed frames merely need to be dusted every now and then, which doesn't take much time or effort. Also, they don't get damaged as easily as other types of frames do, so you can unwind without worrying about expensive repairs.

Durability: Bed frames made of solid wood are exceptionally strong and can withstand the weight of people with no problem. This makes it an excellent choice for couples. Also, you can construct a wooden board in the bedrooms of your children, knowing that it will stay there when they get older. Bed frames made of solid wood are exceptionally durable and strong.

Storage: Side and under-bed storage are only two of the many options available for solid wood beds with storage. Solid wood beds have under-the-bed storage, which is ideal for keeping things like storage boxes, pillows, bed sheets, containers, and a variety of other things you might not use very often. By storing unused items in the storage drawers, you can also keep your home tidy and organized. A solid wood bed with storage can be fantastic in today's rooms for giving the necessary warmth and depth to make the space feel more welcoming.

Customization: The sheesham wood bed with storage have intricate hand carvings and other subtle details that give the room's overall appearance some flair. The solid wood king size bed with hydraulic storage is also available in lovely warm colours that can contrast with any contemporary bedroom design concept. The solid wood king size bed with storage made of solid wood also provides superb functionality. We at Urbanwood provide affordable customization services for furniture as per the space and requirements of the customers.  

Explore Our Exclusive Solid Wood Bed Collection Of 2023

Solid Wood Queen Size Bed: Our Queen size beds are striking in their elegance and provide warmth to your bedroom. The bed's construction from premium Sheesham wood guarantees its sturdiness and durability. You can choose from a variety of finish options to match your home's decor. This queen size bed is ideal for couples.

Solid Wood King Size Bed: A king-size bed offers ultimate comfort and room. Perfect king-size bed designs are available for many different decor styles and aesthetics. If you are a couple with kids, then this king size bed is ideal for you to enjoy with your kids. At Urbanwood, you can now browse their selection of beds online and get the best bargain at a price that works for you.

Solid Wood Poster Bed: Any bed with four pillars on each corner that support horizontal bars on the head of the bed frame is referred to as a four-poster bed. The shape of the top rods matches that of the bed properly. Typically, a four-poster bed will have curtains surrounding it to provide seclusion, and the curtains are attached to these rods. Get your dream poster bed only at Urbanwood.

Solid Wood Single Bed: Single beds are a fantastic way to give your room personality. A solid wood single bed is a simple, traditional wooden frame that is raised on legs to fit in with any home and style. The solid wood single bed is made of genuine Sheesham wood and can be modified to match the interior design of your home. You can place it in the children's or guest room. It works best for single occupancy.

Solid Wood Double Bed: Double beds are the best option for everyone, whether you're a pet owner who enjoys sleeping with your four-legged companions or a newlywed couple! You can maintain your comfort level with double beds. It comes in two variants, king size and queen size, and you can choose either one from our vast collection.

Solid Wood Platform Bed: Look at the attractive platform bed designs we have in our online furniture store. For people who struggle with height, the platform bed is one such comfortable and low-height option. For growing kids, it provides hassle-free ups and downs. They are easier to climb up because they are lower than a typical hardwood bed. Take pleasure in the lovely selection of platform beds we produce, including the solid wood platform bed.

Get a Comfortable and Durable Solid Wood Bed with Urbanwood

Wooden beds are classic piece of furniture that is both elegant and traditional. It can be utilized in a variety of contemporary, modern classic, and natural themes. Their attractive and adaptable looks come in a variety of shapes, colours, and patterns. A solid hardwood bed is enduring, classic, and frequently emits beauty and elegance in your personal space, as you may infer from the foregoing. If you make the appropriate decision, you can improve your comfort while still projecting sophistication in your bedroom. A solid wood bed can also be modified to any shape or size that you choose! Urbanwood offers a variety of solid wood bed collections at affordable rates. So, what are you waiting for? Get your perfect solid wood bed today only at Urbanwood.

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Are solid wood beds a good idea?

Yes, of course! Undoubtedly, a solid wood bed is the best option for homeowners. Solid wood is by far the better option. It could be a little more expensive than furniture made of engineered wood or plywood, but it will last a lot longer and be a much better investment.

How long will a wooden bed last?

Wood is a common material for bedroom furniture because it is natural and can last for many decades. The wooden bed frame will last for a long time if you adhere to the correct care and maintenance measures and choose the best kind of wood. Urbanwood offers pure, solid Sheesham wood bed frames that will be worthwhile and worth the money.

How do king-size and queen-size solid wood beds differ from each other?

A queen is 63 inches broad and 82 inches long, compared to a conventional king's 75 inches and 82 inches. Queen size is ideal for couples, whereas king size can accommodate kids comfortably with you.

Is buying a bed with storage worth it?

Storage beds are a fantastic way of keeping your bedroom clutter-free because they reduce the amount of furniture needed for storage and make cleaning the space easier. A storage bed gives the bedroom a tidy, organized, and clean appearance. You can save money by spending less on other storage options and using your storage double bed for the same.

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