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Does your Study Room furniture decor need a significant lift? Is it true that you are looking to awaken the magnificence of your bedroom sets?

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Does your bedroom furniture decor need a significant lift? Is it true that you are looking to awaken the magnificence of your bedroom sets?


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The Urbanwood furniture you place in your house significantly affects the look and the solace of your home. Regardless of whether you incline toward conventional wooden furniture or customized furniture

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Comfortable Wooden Study Tables: Let Your Kid Study With Comfort

We comprehend that every individual has their own specific manner of learning. A few students favor solo learning while others flourish in group studies. Urbanwood has the ideal table to accommodate your necessities.

We have laptop/computer tables online for our customers just as collective desks that come in every extraordinary shape and shadings. Our outfitting is fastidiously hand-picked every table is significant to the whole collection. You only need to find a table suitable for your bedroom furniture design that will do ponders for your scholarly climate.

Urbanwood: Leading Wooden Study Table Supplier in India

We're here to assist you with getting your study room spot on. In case you're uncertain about your necessary estimations, we have a size guide that can assist you with measuring which wooden study table stature is generally proper for the age bunch you're planning for.

We have an entire scope of sizes to suit a huge swath of scholastic conditions, from kindergartens to universities. From home works of art to astute community plans, you'll see them all at Urbanwood. Buy your fit-out today from one of the most resolute suppliers of solid wood furniture in India.

Best In Class And Ergonomic Study Tables

Agreeable and utilitarian educational furniture design is at the center of our business. We select study room furniture that is ideal for different scholarly settings, including office chairs to connecting chairs for assembly halls. Urbanwood is one of India's most remarkable study tables suppliers you're certain to discover a plan that is ideal for your establishment.

Choose The Best Study Table Online For Students

With regard to children, we frequently disregard the way that they live in an adult size world. They need to overstretch their bodies to fit into the oversized furniture online. They invest the majority of their energy studying, particularly when in high school. Clearly, an uncomfortable study desk will influence their capacity to focus and result in an unpleasant climate.

While you might need to assemble a comfortable table for your youngster, Urbanwood offers an incredible answer to buy study tables for children. We offer all-around planned ergonomic study desks for your child, which will help in lessening the danger of posture-related issues.

Top Quality Study Tables

It is significant that you investigate your alternatives before agreeing to this significant furniture item. That is the reason you should peruse through a gigantic reach to locate the correct one. You should likewise fix your budget beforebuying furniture online The vast majority hop into buying study tables online indiscreetly simply because they looked great. Do they contain a fitting number of cabinets and drawers to place books and other related stuff in? You might be spoilt for the decision however doesn’t yield to enticement. Buy a table that will suit your budget and prerequisites with Urbanwood.

Increase Your Productivity With An Amazing Study Table

While establishing the ideal workplace at home; each piece of our home office furniture assumes a basic part. The correct study table design framing a piece of our furniture builds our efficiency and assumes a basic part in boosting something very similar. It is likewise accepted that the correct study table can improve our innovativeness as well.

Urbanwood furniture can add to your enthusiasm to function as well as eliminate lethargy and bothering. Youngsters particularly require imaginative and entirely designed furniture that targets spurring them to work, in this manner, making learning fun!

Features That The Best Study Table Should Have

The best study table online ought not exclusively to be in harmony with your home, where you or your youngster can track down their own desert garden of harmony yet, in addition, be well-suited for considering, working, thinking, and perusing.

There ought to be adequate room to store your books, computer, and different records. Along these lines, contemporary and current study tables online and in stores, offer greater reasonableness while being all the more monetarily designed.

Urbanwood Wooden Study Table Features

Compact Design-

Study furniture including chairs, and different quirks; these days are more reduced with an embodiment of advancement. Mathematical designs, unbiased colors, and the reduced size make the table easily simple to find a way into various spaces;


With the confined space available in many houses, multi-purpose office furniture has gotten stylish. Pick study tables that utilize the wall and utilizations bookshelves for storage;

Bright and Stylish-

Gone are the times of essential colors like dim and earthy colored being utilized for study room furniture. Many persons settle on particular colors on their table designs to energize their room just as a mindset.

Simple to Clean–

A slick, clean, and composed study room is incredibly basic in giving comfort and building the correct enthusiasm to contemplate. Energy and relaxation are additionally made when your study table is low-support, simple to clean, and coordinated.

Popular Study Table Designs

A piece of study furniture not just functions as a decent workstation when you communicate yet additionally diminishes back pain and keeps up great body pose. Various designs and examples are available when you buy furniture online. You can choose the boundaries and requirements you need and from there on, channel your looks for tables online.

Modular Study Tables–

Selecting the correct furniture for your kid is a vital choice. The estimations should be according to your kid's necessities, and every one of the segments ought to be not difficult to utilize. The best modular study table for your kid can dazzle your youngster and make them eager to contemplate.

Folding Study Table–

These tables have gotten famous because of the restricted space available in homes. Various designs, customizations, and examples are available in collapsing study tables that help to support efficiency and offer accommodation.

Wooden Computer Tables-

With the developing reliability of digitalization, the majority of the work or studies we do are on workstations. These tables add comfort and make it simpler to work for quite a long time on the computer.

Classy, Contemporary Design–

Classy, straightforward study tables never leave style. Open racks for storage with simple access and in-constructed work areas make the bedroom furniture a comfortable and helpful corner.

Frequently Customer's Questions & Answers

What is the use of a study table?

Study tables are plain and simple tables that are utilized for studying or writing purposes. Many peoples who have a propensity for reading or writing or accomplishing office work at home, regularly have study tables in their office rooms, libraries, or even in their bedrooms, if there is a mash of room.

What are the advantages of a study table?

The study table guarantees comfort to your child. Accomplishing supreme comfort is vital. This is likewise significant from the mark of relaxation and maintaining the proper body stance of the child. This maintenance of proper body act speeds up the prosperous strength of your kid.

What are the Advantages of Using a Study Table for Kids?

The purpose behind the study table is to provide understudies with a comfortable, intelligent learning climate that will advance a significant degree of scholarly accomplishment and improvement.

What are the dimensions of the study table?

The typical executive desk begins at 60 x 30 x 30 inches. There truly is anything but a standard size. That is something to be thankful for because it implies you can utilize various widths and depths and heights to address your issues while finding a way into space you have available for your home office floor plan.

What is the benefit of the table?

This is the biggest study table among all our present designs and it has two drawers, two racks, one console plate, two shut storage compartments, and three open storage compartments. It's an across-the-board bundle at an affordable cost.

Which color is psychologically good for a study table?

Utilize light/unbiased color schemes for better focus. Ideal colors for the examination room are: Green, Light-green, Pastel Blue, Cream, White, and All the above colors have a quieting impact on the psyche, which helps in focus. One should keep away from dim tones in the study room.

How can I make my study table look good?

Adding Decorative Features. Stick to a color scheme for your study table. Enhancing your study table with your color will make the space really welcoming and cozier. If you like bright colors, you may pick red, green, blue, and yellow frill and capacity compartments, for instance.

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Vinit Yadav

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The Nora Diwan Bed in solid wood exudes timeless elegance and craftsmanship, transforming my bedroom into a stylish and comfortable sanctuary. It's a well-crafted investment that I highly recommend.

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Prasant Dadhy

Excellent product, value for money. I will definitely purchase from urbanwood again. Thank you very much.

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Vipul Kumar Jodhani

Amazing product with very good service it is value for money... thanks to Urbanwood Team

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Nice home bar design... and finish was superb

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Nice finishing

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Govind Chaudhary

Good lounge chair design... product quality was good

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Govind Chaudhary

Very nicely made.. excellent design... delivery little delayed... but worth it product.

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