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King Size Beds

Buy King Size Beds Online In India at Urbanwood: The length and pleasure of a king-size bed are ultimate. A range of interior ideas and aesthetics are perfectly matched by king-size bed design. Find the ideal one for your needs and your space, whether it's a traditional wood frame with the colour of your preference, a modern and durable steel frame, or a wooden bed for a luxurious appearance. With king size beds with storage, you can maintain organization while making the best use of your open area and reducing clutter. To get the greatest deal on a king-sized bed at a cost that works for you, you can now browse the selection of beds available online at Urbanwood. King-size beds are usually quite comfortable. 

King Size Beds Price List in India

Product Name
Hugo Low Floor Bed ( King size )
Couve Platform Bed ( King size )
Jordan Low Floor Double Bed ( King size )
Topaz Bed Without Storage ( King size )
Babson Without Storage Bed ( King size )
Berlin Wooden Bed Without Storage ( King size )
Bedswind Without Storage Bed ( King size )
Hover Bed Without Storage ( King size )
Babson Box Storage Bed ( King size )
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The Benefits of Sleeping on a King Size Beds

The luxury of a king bed ensures that you won't have to worry about falling off the bed while you sleep. You and your mate can both spread out as much as you'd like in this bed.

Even your kids can relax with you without being cramped by space. Buy a king-size bed online to save the hassle of searching for one by driving around the city and spending fuel. Some of the best styles that will go well with your bedroom furniture are available at Urbanwood.

If the idea of spending a huge sum of money on a bed for your master bedroom concerns you, what can you do? When Urbanwood has your back, there is no need to worry. Our website provides a wide variety of choices for such wooden king size beds or modern bed designs, and the affordable king size bed price will tempt you to purchase one for each room in your home. 

The best option is to make efficient use of the available storage with a wooden king-size bed with storage ideas rather than wishing for a storage room in city homes. Keep all of your spare bedding, baby gear, and even compact luggage in a storage-size king bed to keep your house looking tidy.  Choose easily by selecting the model with four drawers because it offers greater space. Now, get a king-sized bed with storage to make your floor mess-free.

The king-size hardwood bed is for you if you enjoy being near the environment and things that remind you of it. This furniture piece gives your rooms a rustic charm. It is simple to match your furniture with a solid wood king size bed frame.

A white king-size bed without storage is the ideal kind of bed for guest rooms. These are smaller and simpler to move if your job requires frequent relocations. For those who prefer low-lying beds, king size beds without storage are the best option.

The Best Way to Choose a King Size Bed Design for Your Bedroom.

It is recommended to check the floor size of your room when you buy king size bed set while shopping for a suitable one to verify that it suits your room and there is sufficient space left around it. The other furnishings and design in your bedroom are an important consideration in this regard. Anyone would want everything in their space to look balanced. The structure of a luxury king size bed is appropriate for a larger place, so you will need to balance the other furnishings to give the space a nice aesthetic.

The frame and material are important considerations when selecting a Super king-size bed, or any king-bedroom set for that matter. You have a lot of options, including real hardwood, solid wood like MDF and Plywood, and beds with metal frames. Although hardwood furnishings are known to survive longer, it is also more vulnerable to termite and other types of damage. The wood can, however, to some extent stave against pest issues if it is handled. Teak, mango, Sheesham, and other solid woods are a few examples.

Your bedroom's overall design is another thing to think about, so if it's modern, a simple, streamlined double bed design will work. A wood frame with more elaborate carvings and detailed workmanship would work well in a bedroom decorated in the traditional style. You can select a wood frame with an aged finish for a more rural appearance. You can select a king-size bed online from among all of these possibilities based on your preferences for comfort, style, and king-bed prices.

Finally, when deciding on the style of bed anyone wants to purchase, think about some facts when picking a king-size bed. The key to excellent health is comfort, so pick a king-sized bed to act as the bedding's primary framework. Pick a bed height that is comfortable for you before mattress shopping. Pick a good bed frame if you want your bed to be near the ground. A bed frame that is customized to your ideal height is available for purchase.

The Benefits of Upgrading to a Wooden King Size Bed For Couples 

Gives You Extra Space on The Bed

If you have trouble shifting direction while you sleep, you could be better off switching to a king-size mattress.

Ideal for Unsettled Sleepers

The more space will also give the companion of an unsettled sleeper a more comfortable space to enjoy without being disturbed.

Better Comfort

A king-size bed may take care of the majority of the issues that keep people up at night and gives you the warmth you need to get some good sleep right away.

Long-term Gain

When using a shorter bed, you spread your body weight over a smaller surface. This could lead to deterioration much more quickly than it would in a bed of a bigger size.

An Ideal Choice for a Family Bed

Families who share a bed with a mate, child, or pet should consider king-size mattresses. A king-size bed is always preferable because it will improve everyone's quality of sleep significantly.

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Queen Size Beds

The similar idea of a queen bed is 60 inches to 80 inches, which makes it slightly smaller than a king bed. A queen-size bed is the better option if you want the same elegance as a king bed at a lower price because they are slightly more reasonable than a king bed.

Wooden Sofa Cum Bed

A wooden sofa bed is the best option for your home if you struggle with space a lot. A fantastic solution for managing space limitations in a small space is the sofa cum bed. A wooden sofa cum bed is the best option if you want the highest level of comfort and convenience.

Single Beds

A single bed is the best option for you if you stay alone and have a tiny area because it is designed specifically to fit one person. Additionally, single beds with storage are offered to make the most of the available space. Urbanwood has the best selection and rates for one for you.

Beds with Storage

It is essential to choose beds with storage if your room is quite limited. Storage beds are not only useful but also incredibly adaptable. This style of bed makes good use of the available space, and with the additional space below, you can store a lot of items.

Platform Beds

The most common type of bed is a platform bed. A platform bed replaces the requirement for a box spring with a basic, low-raised bed frame. Platform beds allow you to simply place your mattress on top of them without the need for additional support.

Poster Beds

Urbanwood is aware that customers want to feel safe and secure before making an online furniture purchase, which is why they require a trustworthy retailer. For a stress-free and easy purchasing experience for a new poster bed, think about going to Urbanwood.

Single Cot Bed

A hardwood single cot bed is a necessary piece of furniture when there is only one occupant, and that occupant prefers to remain in bed. Always having a reasonable size and a wide range of possibilities, a single-person bedroom is attractive.

Double Beds

Due to the desire for a solid and attractive bed in every home, double beds are a common choice. They come in beds with storage so you can easily tuck away all the extra bedding sets and other accessories.

Hydraulic Storage Beds

The hydraulic storage beds initially appear to be a typical conventional bed, but if you look closely, you can notice a wooden platform or structure that extends slightly below the area where the bedding is resting on the mattresses.

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UrbanWood has a superb collection of wooden furniture. If you're considering purchasing custom furniture, visit here!

Buy Furniture Online

Modern furniture that is ideal for houses nowadays is available at Urbanwood. Additionally, you can get customized furniture online.

Sheesham Wood Furniture

Discover and explore the interesting collection of real Sheesham wood beds we have in stock at our online store to add breathtaking beauty to your home.

Wooden Furniture Online

The wooden home goods set the mood for the classy and simple aesthetic that appeals to many people. Furniture made of wood has a timeless appeal, whereas homes that are more contemporary or modern look great.

Furniture Store in Jaipur

The answer to the question "Where can you get fine Indian furniture in Jaipur?" is always "Urbanwood." The purpose of Urbanwood, which is to offer the best furniture money can buy, is complementary to people's wish to get the top furniture in their houses and workplaces.

Furniture Store in Bangalore

Urbanwood handles some of Bangalore's top furniture stores as well as an online store. You can browse our whole design inventory in our online furniture store to get a sense of the most recent trends in Bengaluru furniture design.


What is the size of king-size beds?

A king-size bed and mattress measure 150 cm in width and 200 cm in length in metric measurements. A king-size bed and mattress measure 5 feet wide by 6 feet 6 inches long as measured in general standards.

Is a king-size bed right for me?

If you choose the right kind of mattress, a king-size bed can offer superior body support even if you sleep alone. So, if you have arthritis or joint pain, it can be a great solution for you.

How much space do I need in my bedroom for a king-size bed?

A Regular King-sized bed requires a minimum of 12 feet by 9.10 feet in a room. This will give you at least 30 inches of room to move about the bed.

How do I choose the right mattress for my king-size beds?

The king mattress' measurements of 76 inches broad by 80 inches long allow it to fit couples who want to sleep in the same bed as their kids or a big pet.

What is a king-size bed made of?

The king-size bed is manufactured using materials like solid wood, engineered wood, iron, steel, and other metals.

What’s the best mattress size for couples in India?

A King-size bed is best for couples in India. The bed has adequate room to fit most couples and finds a way into a normal estimated Indian room. The bed king size can likewise oblige babies alongside the guardians.

What are the dimensions of a king-size bed?

A standard king-size bed estimates 76 inches wide by 80 inches in length with estimating one full size bigger than a queen-size bed, a king-size bed is the biggest standard bed size. While king-size beds are hard to move and may not fit in each room contingent on your room and furniture size, they are the ideal decision for couples hoping to maximize people's sleeping space.

What Bedsheets fit on king-size beds?

Since king-size sleeping mattresses can change marginally in size, record the specific elements of your bedding before purchasing king-size bedsheets to guarantee an appropriate fit. Additionally, consider the depth of your sleeping cushion and discover fitted sheets to coordinate. Pick standard fitted sheets for a bedding depth of 7 to 14 inches, deep pocket sheets for a 15-inch depth, and additional deep pocket sheets for a profundity of 16 to 22 inches.

How big is a king-size bed frame?

While king-size bed frames have a similar range of estimations as king bed measurements, they can shift in general size because of thickness, the material utilized, and the design.

What are the dimensions of a king headboard?

While standard king-size headboards measure roughly 79-81 inches wide, non-standard king-size headboards can be a lot more extensive. As far as stature, king-size headboards range from 48 crawls to 64 inches high.

How wide is a king bed?

Estimating 4 inches more extensive than a California King-size bed and 16 inches more extensive than a Queen-size bed, a standard king-size bed is the most stretched-out bed standard bed size

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