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Queen Size Beds

Best Queen Size Beds Furniture Online at UrbanWood: If you prefer to sleep on a classic mattress made of the highest-quality materials, the queen-size bed is perfect for you. The level of warmth and luxury that a queen size beds offer is the perfect way to get a peaceful sleep. When it comes to purchasing beds online in India, the queen-size bed represents one of the most opulent and cost-effective choices. The most challenging aspect of purchasing furniture is making the finest choice. Considerations for size, kind, frames, springs, and a plethora of other factors are required. There are many hardwood queen-size bed alternatives available from Urbanwood that best reflect durability. We have a wide selection of queen-size beds, so you may find one with a style that appeals to you. The modern designs are certain to add luxury to your bedroom. For your bedroom furniture, we provide queen size beds online in a variety of natural finishes, including caramel and oak.

 Queen Size Beds Price List in India

Product Name Price
Hugo Low Floor Bed ( Queen Size )
Jordan Low Floor Double Bed ( Queen Size )
Topaz Bed Without Storage ( Queen Size )
Berlin Wooden Bed Without Storage ( Queen Size )
Babson Without Storage Bed ( Queen Size )
Morgana Box Storage Bed ( Queen Size )
Thoms Box Storage Bed ( Queen Size )
Hover Bed with Drawer Storage ( Queen Size )
Luxe Urbanwood Exclusive Drawer Storage Bed ( Queen Size )
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The Benefits of Sleeping On a Queen Size Beds

A wooden queen size bed, which is a little smaller than a king-size bed, provides enough space for many people and is just big enough for active sleepers. The average individual won't have to worry, under most regular situations, about rolling off the edge of the mattress or having parts of the body hang over the ends of the beds during the night.

A queen size bed with storage is a Good Way to Provide Lots of Under Bed Storage Space. Under these frames, you can push and stack boxes, cardboard boxes, and wrapped blankets in a variety of sizes and forms. A queen size bed without storage also occupies less space in a bedroom than a king-size bed, and with some ingenuity, that extra space may be utilized in a variety of other ways.

Modern queen size beds are as lavish or basic as the user prefers. The side and headboard of a queen size bed with storage drawers might be more elaborate and substantial due to the greater sleeping surface. The queen bedframe, mattresses, and box spring can also be used without an additional addition to conserving room. For those who take the time to consider various angles, a queen size bed's Customized furniture in any way, just like the rest of the bedroom's furnishings.

Not everyone likes having a bed that is too big or too small, so a solid wood queen size bed is great between the ground. People spend the bulk of their life in bed, so allowing them to indulge in something nice like the online purchase of a personalized, comfortable wood queen bed is a great way for them to spend this time. A Sheesham wood queen size bed is a terrific way to guarantee that people are sleeping in the most comfortable position possible.

Buy queen size bed online to avoid the hassle of searching the city and wasting fuel looking for one. Urban wood carries some of the best looks that will complement your bedroom furniture. The queen size bed cost depends on the size and design of the bed.

The Best Way to Choose a Queen Size Bed with Storage For Your Bedroom and Finding The Perfect Mattress.

There is no need to struggle over the blankets while trying to fall asleep because the bedframe with storage queen size bed fits two adults warmly and comfortably. It enables one to find the perfect harmony between solitude and togetherness.

The size makes sure that the area is well utilized without using too much space. They are useful and can be used for visitors, teenagers, and more. If unsure, go with a chic hardwood queen king size bed; you won't regret it. By including attractive linens, you can effortlessly and elegantly set up a space that will stay. To complete your purchase, don't forget to get a suitable bed cover.

Finding the ideal bed frame is only the first step; a comfortable mattress is also essential for restful sleep. Your ideal mattress could not be similar to that of your next-door neighbor because what may be ideal for them may not at all satisfy your needs.

Self-awareness is highly helpful when picking a mattress for oneself. Remember your preferences for materials, stiffness, textures, and other comparable aspects. Second, focus on the issues you want to talk about: do you or your mate regularly experience neck or back pain? Do you have sleep issues? How significant is a posture to you? In addition to these, take into account other aspects including cost, durability, convenience, and bed frame size of your white queen size bed.

The queen mattress, which is the most preferred mattress size available, is typically utilized in a master bedroom. The queen mattress offers enough area for couples or single people who prefer more room in bed, measuring 60 inches broad and 80 inches long.

The Benefits of Upgrading To a Wooden Queen Size Bed For Couples

Offers Enough Space

The queen size bed, which is a little less than a king size bed, provides enough room for plenty of people and is the ideal size for active sleepers. King-size beds are a little bigger than queen-size ones. The average individual won't typically need to worry about body parts hanging over the edges of the bed when they sleep or the risk of falling off the side of the mattress in most common situations.

Another Advantage of Under Bed Storage

A queen-size bed with under-bed storage is the perfect option for individuals who require a big space in this area. Cardboard boxes, storage containers, and folding blankets are just a few ideas of the various shapes and sizes of goods that can be stuffed under these frames.

The Ideal For Both

A queen-size bed could be as luxurious or simple as the user desires. Due to the larger sleeping area, the sides and heads of a queen size bed with drawers may be more complex and robust. You can use the queen size bed frame, mattresses, and bed frame without taking up more space. The furnishings surrounding a queen-size bed, like the other of the bedroom furniture, can be modified in any way if you take the time to look at numerous perspectives.

Take Advantage of Beddings and Furniture Across India with Urbanwood

King size Beds

The ultimate balance of both luxury and comfort is a king-size bed. Because of the large room it offers, these beds are perfect for couples. Urbanwood now has a large selection of king-size beds available. You'll find one that works with and enhances your bedroom.

Single Beds

Amazing single-size bed ideas that perfectly suit the needs of an individual are available from us. It's a terrific addition for single people and students alike, and it's also available in beds with space to manage all the junk methodically. Additionally, we provide single beds for kids with eye-catching patterns and colors.

Poster beds

The beautiful poster beds add attractive charm to every bedroom's décor. They contain four columns that will help you feel drowsy while still maintaining your royal dignity.

Double Beds

Due to the desire for a strong and attractive bed in every home, double beds are a common choice. They come in beds with storage so you can easily tuck away all the extra bedding sets and other accessories. Urbanwood provides many designs and patterns of high-quality, expertly crafted wooden beds online.

Beds With Storage

No matter how big or small your bedroom is, you need a bed with storage containers. For your convenience, Urbanwood offers a range of storage access options, including pull-out drawers on one or both sides of the bed, hydraulic and container storage that is broad and roomy enough to accommodate all of your bedroom junk, and pull-out drawers.

Wooden Sofa Cum Bed

If you have a lot of space issues in your home, a wooden sofa cum bed is your safest choice. The sofa bed is an excellent way to deal with space restrictions in a compact room. The ideal choice if you require the maximum level of luxury and simplicity is a hardwood sofa cum bed.

Platform Beds

Urbanwood offers low-floor platform beds online that become stylish and have modern designs. These previously unimagined designs and styles go well with modern, trendy homes.

To get the ideal reflection of your style in your house, Urbanwood offers a variety of furnishing options. Whether you're looking for the luxury of beauty or basic and understated living room furniture, our online furniture store has every unique way of home furnishings items.

Online Furniture Store

To get the ideal reflection of your style in your house, Urbanwood offers a variety of furnishing options. Whether you're looking for the luxury of beauty or basic and understated living room decor, our online furniture store has every unique way of home furnishings items.

Hyderabad Furniture Store

Urbanwood manages a number of furniture shop hyderabad in addition to an online store. To get a taste of the latest trend in Hyderabad furniture design, you can explore our whole model selection in our online shop.

Furniture Store in Gurgaon

A headache comes with buying a new property or even remodeling an existing one. It necessitates extensive planning and expense. Gurgaon is a highly fast-paced city where you don't have much time to get settled in before your job begins filling up all of your energy. Furniture store in gurgaon.


What is the size of a queen size beds?

Queen mattresses are the most common mattress size available and are 60 inches wide by 80 inches long. This has some benefits: Finding bed frames, blankets, sheets, and mattress covers that suit a queen mattress is simple.

How much space do I need in my bedroom for a queen size bed with storage?

Ideally, bedrooms should be at least 9.6 by 10 square feet in size, although rooms as large as 10 x 14 square feet are also a suitable match for queen beds.

How do I choose the right mattress for my queen size bed?

Queen mattresses are the most common mattress size available and are 60 inches wide by 80 inches long.

Are queen size beds good for couples?

For couples, the queen-size mattress is perfect. There is space to spread out. It is very simple to ask your lover to cuddle up with you. Furthermore, a modest-sized bedroom may fit a queen-size mattress while still having room for the other bedroom furnishings. 

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