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Double Beds

Buy Solid Wooden Double Beds Online at Best Price: After a long tough day, doesn't it feel relaxing to spend quality time on a soft comfortable bed? The joy doubles up when they are double beds! Since there are several double bed online options, it can be really difficult to opt for the best one that is both cozy and suits your bedroom well! But there is nothing to worry about as at Urbanwood, you can explore a wide collection of double beds with storage and without storage at an unbelievably reasonable price rate! Our beds are made with solid Sheesham Wood that is gorgeous, weather-resistant, sturdy, and durable! Moreover, you can choose from a variety of styles, designs, finish, and price ranges, making your bedroom brighter and more elegant.

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Tips For The Choose Perfect The Right Double Beds for Your Designer Bedroom

Since double bed furniture is a pretty expensive and long-term investment, you need to be very wise when choosing one for your bedroom. So, make sure to follow the below-discussed tips to pick the best deal bed!


Before finalizing a double cot wooden bed, plan your budget. It eases the buying process to a great extent for sure. Set a budget and filter your search result accordingly. Never get tempted by the too-good-to-be-true sheesham double bed price Delhi. Sheesham wood is not at all a cheap option, so the cheap price tags are alluring ads to be-fool the buyers. Rather, choose a double bed price Bangalore that is reasonable as per the quality, finish, and design. In this case, customer reviews can help you out. 

Storage option

The wooden double bed price could increase with the storage option. So, you need to first decide whether or not you need storage in your bed. A double cot bed price might be higher than the one without storage, but it's worth your investment. You can put everything else in storage and de-clutter your room in no time, especially when guests are coming over to your place suddenly. However, you can skip the double bed with a box and opt for a non-storage option if you have an alternative storage choice at home.


While getting a double bed, always check the materials used in crafting it. Sheesham wood is the best material for any wooden furniture. It is because the wood is naturally resistant to termites and weather. Plus, sheesham wood is so sturdy that it neither chips nor cracks easily. Also, do not forget to check the hallmark of the company or the carpenter as proof of authenticity.


Well, even the slightest issue with the measurement of your chosen wooden double bed can make it a bad fit for your bedroom. And not all double beds are the same size; they vary as per the manufacturers. So,  make sure to check the measurement of the bed you are willing to buy and match it with your room's measurement. If both fit well, mark it as one!


Last, but most importantly, make sure not to miss out on checking the warranty offered by the company when you're planning to buy a double bed online. The warranty marks the quality of the bed. If the manufacturing brand offers a substantial period of warranty on double beds, do not hesitate to buy it!

The Benefits of Sleeping On a Double Bed with Storage 

Whether you are a pet parent who loves to share beds with furry friends or a newly married couple, double beds are your top-notch choice!

Check Out Why Sleeping On a Double Bed is Beneficial

●        With double beds, you do not have to compromise on your comfort.
●        You'll get enough space to move your body freely while sleeping
●        As you can maintain the right sleeping posture, you do not have to experience any muscle stiffness or muscle ache the next morning! 

Tips for Finding The Perfect Mattress for Your Double Bed with Box

Choosing the right mattress is as important as choosing the right double bed. It's the mattress that decides the level of comfort, so make sure to follow the below-listed tips before getting one from an online furniture store.

●        One common issue that most homeowners commit to while picking a mattress is an inappropriate size. So, check well whether your chosen mattress fits well with your bed measurements.
●        Compare all the mattress types as well as their brands before making a decision. Refine your options based on the foam quality, pressure relief ability, and budget.
●        The memory foam ones can be your best bet as they provide the best relief pressure. Moreover sleeping on a memory foam mattress feels like you're in a cradle which promotes sleep faster, releasing all your stress.
●        For a more bouncy effect, you can opt for latex mattresses. Made from rubber trees, latex mattresses are an eco-friendly choice.
●        If you're a stomach or back sleeper, the innerspring mattresses are just for you! The steel coils used in the mattresses make them more firmer and comfortable. 

The Benefits of Upgrading to a Double Bed for Couples

If you're a new couple and are deciding to move together, upgrading to a double bed is a must! If you're a new buyer, you can check out the double bed with box price at Urban Wood's online furniture store to get an idea of the usual double bed prices. We also host a variety of queen-size beds, single cot beds, hydraulic storage beds, King size Beds, platform beds, and other designer bed collections. Anyway, coming back to the point, getting a double bed is beneficial for couples. Here's why

●        Today's couple spends almost 8 to 10 hours at work. The only thing that keeps them connected is the quality bedtime chit chat and the double bed makes it even more pleasurable.
●        Secondly, a tight sound sleep keeps you charged for the next day's hassle. With a double bed, both you and your partner can sleep comfortably without having any space issues.
●        If you and your partner own big dog breeds like Huskies, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, etc., a double bed is an ideal pick for you three!


What is the size of a double beds? 

Usually, double beds with storage Sizes vary according to the manufacturers. However, the standard size of a double bed is around 6 ft. 3 inches in length and almost 4 ft. 6 inches in width.

Is a double beds right for me?

Double beds are a perfect choice for couples, as two adults can easily fit in them. So, if you have a family of two, then go for it without a second thought.

Can I fit a double beds in a small bedroom?

To place a double bed in your room without making it congested, your room needs to be at least 295 cm wide and 335 cm long. However, make sure to measure the size of the double bed that matches your room size before placing an order.

How do I choose the right mattress for my double beds?

Of course you can! Just measure the size before buying. And to make your room appear spacious, place your new double bed near the most visible wall. 

Is a double bed better than a king size beds?

The chief difference between the two is that a king size bed is around ½ foot larger than a double bed. So you should choose one depending on your requirements.

Is a double bed suitable for two people?

Certainly, two adults can perfectly fit in a double bed. However, it can be a little bit tough to adjust if you have a habit of stretching out while you're asleep.

What are some of the best materials for a beds?

Materials like Sheesham wood, solid wood, mild steel, etc. are some top materials that add resistance and durability to beds.

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