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Double Beds

A cozy and comfortable bed promotes sound sleep. Whether it's a lazy afternoon or a long harsh day, beds are the perfect companion to unwind all your stress and tiredness. So, finding the right wooden double bed that ensures comfort and complements your home interior at the same time is essential.A single click can open doors of class and comfort for you, wooden double bed is available at unbelievable prices at UrbanWood.

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A cozy and comfortable bed promotes sound sleep. Whether it's a lazy afternoon or a long harsh day, beds are the perfect companion to unwind all your stress and tiredness. So, finding the right wooden double bed that ensures comfort and complements your home interior at the same time is essential.
If you're planning to replace your old-styled bed with a modern-day king size double bed we have some amazing collections for you. Our beds are manufactured with premium quality Sheesham wood and state-of-the-art technologies that ensure durability, comfort, and value for your money. 

When buying a double bed online, here is a checklist to follow

A Wooden double bed is indeed an expensive investment! What if you find out that your newly purchased bed is not well-fitted for your bedroom? To avoid such an ordeal, keep the following aspects in mind prior to making the investment.

    • Study the dimension of your bedroom

Before you bring home a new double floor bed, evaluate the dimension of your bedroom and check out the existing furniture in it. After that, calculate the dimension of the free space available and match it with the bed you're willing to buy. If your room is less spacious, you can plump for the folding double bed

    • Material, design, and color

Since a bed is an indelible investment, you should keep a keen eye on its material before making your purchase. Generally, materials like Sheesham wood and solid wood ensure longevity. When choosing a bed, grab the one which is moisture, termite, and rust resistant. Also, make sure that the color and design you're opting for look good with your bedroom walls and other existing furniture. Beds available at our online furniture store undergo several quality assurance tests to meet industry standards and quality.

    • Determine your budget

You do not have to be harsh on your pocket to buy a double bed. The engineered wooden beds are available at an affordable Price. So, you can just set your comfort price range and refine the available options accordingly. 
At UrbanWood we equip you with multiple sturdy and elegant double beds at pocket friendly prices. But our intent is not just to sell a cheap product to you and confuse you. We believe in long term relationship with you based on trust and transparency. That is why we only use Sheesham wood for our products. Sheesham wood is more durable and long lasting as compared to MDF and engineered wood. So choose wisely when you make a choice. The decision is all yours!!!!!

    • Storage and non-storage variant

Now, this attribute is totally a personal choice. If you already have selves and a spacious wardrobe in your bedroom, there is no reason for spending extra money on a bed with storage. 
On the other hand, if you have a compact bedroom and things remain scattered here and there, beds with storage are your ideal choice! Storage beds appear in three different variants: box storage, drawer facility, and hydraulic systems, and you can get all at our online or offline Furniture store.

A variety of double beds are available for you to choose from
Double beds are one of the most browsed and searched products while buying online furniture. Finding a double bed can be a typical task when you don't have a proper guide on how and from where to buy it. But if you explore those options on UrbanWood’s website, then it might be just a cup of tea for you. You will just be a click away to get the best deal and premium quality products. Double beds can be categorized into three parts as per their dimensions and sizes. 

King Size Beds:

    • Ideal for married couples even with a small kid
    • Dimension : 81 x 75 (varies design to design) 
    • You can avail yourself of options of this bed with storage and without storage as well as per your convenience.

Queen Size Beds:

    • Ideal for adults, teens, and couples as well but a bit smaller in size in comparison with king size
    • Dimension: 81 x 63 (varies design to design) 
    • You may choose between this bed's choices for both storage and no storage, depending on what is most convenient for you.

Double Beds:

    • Ideal for teens, college students, hotels, and loft beds as well
    • Dimension: 81 x 54
    • You can also go for different options and finishes as per your requirement and decor

Whatever your choice is, UrbanWood will never leave you disappointed in any case. We have got you covered in all aspects, designs, patterns, and costs as well. So don't worry and keep swiping right, left, up, and down till you do not select 1 of them.

Top-of-the-line double bed collection 

A gorgeous double floor bed compliments a beautifully designed home. And with us, you can choose from the best collections that are crafted with passion and precision by industry experts. Take a look at our two best-selling double bed with storage and without storage below:
Berlin wooden bed (with and without storage)
This super stylish and sturdy double bed with box storage appears with a graceful design, introducing a touch of elegance to your room. Made from high-quality, well-seasoned Sheesham wood, the bed does not crack, split or warp even after heavy-duty use. Its inbuilt storage drawer facility comes very handy and allows you to store all your bedroom essentials conveniently. Also, the simple headboard gives the bed a very classy look and does not consume much space. 
This double bed model is also available without storage facilities at an economical price rate. So, you can make your choice accordingly. 

Harris bed without storage

Made from thick, seasoned Sheesham wood, our exclusive Harris bed is the current trendsetter. Its classy design and beautiful honey finish texture make it stand out from the rest. This double queen bed has a gorgeous headboard which creates a wow factor and instantly captures everyone's attention. Not only that, its comfortable and evenly textured headboard offers comfortable support and rest to your back.
The super sleek and space-saving design makes it the best-fit edition for both modern and conventional home interiors. Infusing advanced tools and technologies, our wooden double bed frame is crafted to perfection, which marks its quality, durability, and exquisiteness. 

Trace Bed 

The Trace hardwood Bed is a flexible piece of furniture that enhances a range of environments thanks to its basic design and excellent finishes. The bed's construction includes superior grade Sheesham wood, which has been tested for resistance to humidity and provides longevity and sturdiness. Its elegant color and curved bed frame and headboard further accentuate its good looks, making it a perfect complement to any bedroom.
You can opt for king size and queen size, storage & without storage as per your requirement. Teak, honey, and walnut finishes are available to suit your decor in all aspects.
Babson bed with storage
The Babson bed with storage is a really elegant piece of furniture for the bedroom. Your posture is kept upright by its modern features and straight backrest. Furthermore, the headboard and drawer storage provide roomier spaces for storage.

Because it is made of Sheesham wood, the bed is more sturdy and long-lasting. Its design and pattern give a feel of royalty due to its sheer finish. So if your are looking for king size or queen size bed along with the drawer storage feature then this can be a perfect option for you.


Q. Is a double bed better than a king size bed?
A. The chief difference between the two is that a king size bed is around ½ foot larger than a double bed. So you should choose one depending on your requirements.

Q. Is a double bed suitable for two people?
A. Certainly, two adults can perfectly fit in a double bed. However, it can be a little bit tough to adjust if you have a habit of stretching out while you're asleep.

Q. What are some of the best materials for a bed?
A. Materials like Sheesham wood, solid wood, mild steel, etc, are some top materials that add resistance and durability to beds.

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