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Find Your Perfect Wooden Bookshelf: Shop Online in India So, if you are a bookworm and want a house overindulged with books, surely, you are also someone always peeking for storage concepts for your books. When you have a bookshelf, there is a possibility that you can use it for more storage or find other ways to store your growing pile of books just because of its presence. When you search for the exact collection of Racks Book with these reasons in mind, many options come out, which can put you in a state of confusion. Urbanwood brings you the best range of bookshelves online to clear your dilemma. Here you get a wide range of book storage where you can choose from unique designs from a free stand to a wall bookshelf. And You will be surprised to know that all this is available at the best price.

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Check out the Unique Variety of Bookshelf for Every Style 

There are unique varieties of modern bookshelf furniture that complement every style. Its designs range from classic to contemporary: Check out from fancy to simple bookshelf collection here:

Rotating Wooden Bookshelf: If you believe only metal gives you flexibility in the movement of furniture, replace it with a wooden design, such as the rotating bookshelf with wood material, they are sufficient examples of the woodwork. It can be made movable by adding tiers. Its simple design saves space and can be used as a side table. Add natural elements like indoor plants etc., to make it a centre of attraction; you will have something elegant and functional simultaneously. You can consider it as a bedroom bookshelf too.

Wall Mounted Solid Wood Bookshelf: Often people search for a type of bookshelf for their home that can maximise the space and gives an aesthetic appeal. An incredible option for small areas and apartments, a wall-mounted wooden bookshelf is effortless and suitable. It is a good choice for those who do not have enough books on display, this small bookshelf design is stylish and steady. 

You can transform the frame from a boring rectangular box into a creative design and make the bookshelf a part of your decor. The outer rectangular frame can be moulded into various shapes – adding interest to the interior, placing a vase to make it more attractive, or separating the space with photographs and souvenirs.

Montessori Bookshelf: This kid's bookshelf is also called the Montessori bookshelf and is best for kiddos. Constructed with sheesham wood, they can add warmth and mildness to the overall aesthetics of your little champs room. The best part is that when you select sheesham wood as the material, you recognize they are perfect for the kids. You can adjust its height and storage area according to the age and use of the child. Kids can decorate it with monograms and cute cartoon stickers and complete it as a custom home decor piece.

Corner Bookshelves: If you are searching for a book storage solution that acts as an all-rounder - utilizing space, aesthetic appeal, and providing organized space, a corner bookshelf is in sync with all these qualities. It fits perfectly in a small space; you can place it in any corner. Corner racks are also great for adding a unique and stylish element. But this does not mean that it fails to keep things organized. The storage capacity provides an arranged and clutter-free space. The corner bookshelf price is less. These are a few factors that make it the best living room bookshelf fittings. Apart from this corner bookshelf with doors is another option for your living area. 

The Beauty and Benefits of a Bookshelf Every Home Should Have One

Books play a pivotal role in the life of every human being. They are the powerhouse of knowledge, wisdom, and information. There are various reasons for having bookshelves in every home. 

Having a bookcase means saving time. It can effortlessly find the book you want without wasting time to search it. When you give a designated place to the books, you can get a clutter-free area and make an organized and managed living space. It also saves time by creating an uncomplicated to locate what you require and decreasing distractions. Additionally, well-organized bookcases can increase productivity as it helps to find the information you need quickly. 

Bookcases develop a good reading habit in the children at home, which enhances the kid's learning skills as well as for other family members, as they can also spend their relaxation time reading books. A well-furnished bookshelf promotes a learning atmosphere that motivates inventiveness and fosters intellectual growth.

The wall-mounted bookshelves save your space. Since it uses vertical space, not floor area, that's why, you get enough place on the floor, and other furniture can also be accommodated. Its customized option allows it to fit any wall. Wall-mounted designer bookshelf are comfortable to move or remove, delivering workability in how you utilize the area. This can be great for small rooms or apartments. 

Do you know a wooden book rack design establishes natural warmth in the living area? Absolutely, its charm adds character and beauty to the room. Place a wooden bookrack in the home, when creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere. Plus, wood is a long-lasting material that guarantees durability. A wooden bookshelf is a worthwhile investment in your home.

Top Three Wooden Finishes for a Classic Bookshelf

In furniture, the three most popular finishes -Walnut, honey, and teak add natural beauty and warmth to any space. Each finish has exceptional beauty and can complete various interior design styles.

Walnut - Walnut finish is notable for its thick brown texture, which enhances drama in any room. the walnut-finished furniture ranges from light to deep brown, which comes from heartwood. Occasionally the heartwood part lines with a purple or green hue, which manifolds its beauty. It has rich-warm tones and unique grain patterns and gaining popularity among homeowners. It promotes durability and natural shines to the furniture, and darker stain increases the depth and richness of its colour.

Honey- Honey colour or finish is a soft, light-shade finish that can brighten up a space and create a comfortable, inviting atmosphere. It looks gorgeous on pieces of furniture like bookshelves and is well-liked for its natural, subtle grain pattern. Honey-finished wood has a touch of light elegance that can complement any style and decor.

Teak - Teak-finished furniture provides durability with low maintenance. It consists of natural oils that help shield the surface from various situations and environments. A teak finish is a popular option for outdoor furniture as it has a natural shine, which glows and remains intact in any season. Although, they are best for indoor furniture, such as bookshelf designs on the wall. It comes in a golden-brown pattern that deepens over time.

All wooden finishes are uniquely beautiful, and selecting the perfect colour for your bookshelf, totally depends on your style and tastes. For a rich and bold you can opt walnut; for light and airy go for honey or durability, and try a teak finish. Each finish can sweeten the natural look and beauty of your home.


Which bookshelf is good for a small apartment? 

A compact bookshelf with a narrow profile is a good option for a small apartment. You can look for a bookshelf that is tall rather than wide to maximize vertical space. An open-back bookshelf can construct a small area that seems bigger by allowing light to flow through, while closed-back bookshelves deliver more privacy and can help to create a cosy atmosphere.

Is a wall-mounted bookshelf reliable?

Yes, a wall-mounted bookshelf is best because its designs save space, allow you to move here and there, are very simple to install, come in customized options, and are cost-effective furniture.

Is A bookshelf convenient for all ages people?

Yes, there are huge varieties and types of bookshelves which are made for people of all age groups. For kids, low-height or low-shelf versions are popular, while for youngsters, drawer-like or wall-mounted versions offer convenience. That's why they are perfect for all ages.

What size bookshelf is considered ideal for the living room?

The ideal size of a bookshelf for a living room depends on the room size, available space, and the number of books. In general, a medium-sized bookshelf between 5 and 6 feet tall is a good option. It can provide enough space to store a significant number of books while still being proportionate to the room.

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