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Chest of Drawers

Buy Chest of Drawers Online in India at the Best Price : A chest of drawers gives your bedroom a high-quality storage option. The hardwood chest of drawers available online can be used for a variety of things, including displaying your collectibles and keeping your everyday necessities close at hand. You can find a broad selection of stylish, large storage chest drawer furnishings at UrbanWood, which will undoubtedly give your home more usefulness. Buy solid wood chests of drawers now to take advantage of fantastic deals. You can choose a robust, durable, and suitably effective hardwood chest of drawers from a large selection offered at UrbanWood that will last you for a very long time.

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The Advantages of Chests of Drawers

Your wooden chest of drawers online is available in a wide variety of high-quality, fashionable, and alluring styles to suit the needs of any person. Choose the unit that best blends with your decor and the other furniture in your house. The entire piece of furniture is exquisitely crafted. The chest of drawers for clothes has the following major advantages in particular

Trendy and modern

Because there are so many choices available online, choosing one might be difficult. Take into account the size and interior decor. You can select your bedroom chest of drawers based on your needs, taking into account the interior design and coordinating them with other units already in place. You can go for - 

- Handcrafted solid wood chest of drawers

- Drawers with Matte finish

- Set of vertical minimalist drawers

- Drawers with walnut and teak tones

- Natural-finish wooden drawers

Long Term Durability

The hardwood living room chest of drawers is of exceptional quality and is built to last. The strength and beauty of a piece of furniture are increased by using wood. Pick from the several kinds of hardwoods that are offered, sheesham wood. Selecting a finish that complements everything you see will give richness to this unit.

More Storage, Less Clutter

Who wouldn't desire a device that could accommodate any room's requirements? The versatility of the hardwood mirrored chest of drawers is one of its best qualities. Use it as a dresser drawer; you may start getting ready by placing the mirrored drawers. You'll store your makeup and other necessary daily beauty necessities in the drawers. Create a shoe rack by packing all of your socks and shoes within the mirrored dresser.

UrbanWood, which has a huge selection of furniture units, also offers painted drawers, walnut drawers, and bedroom drawers for sale online in India. Additionally, you can buy a chest of drawers and modify it based on your preferences for things like size, design, wood type, and polish. Any specific design, the variety of drawers wooden, and its layout. This will make it easier for you to put together the ideal storage furnishings in your house and give the decor an opulent appearance.

Online Chest of Drawers Buying Tips

While buying any furniture, you need to understand its functionality and use in your space. If you have the wrong idea about the dimension or utility, then you may end up bringing a disaster to your place. Here are some tips to help you choose a chest of drawers that will definitely make sense when you buy them - 

Height - This is an important factor to consider while buying your furniture. If you need more space, you can go for a higher number of drawers, and if you require less storage, a small chest of drawers will also work.

Size - Choosing the size will totally depend upon the number and type of items you would like to put in your drawers. You should always choose the size after deciding the stuff to be kept in them. There are three general sizes small, medium and large that easily meet the requirements of one and all. The purpose makes you choose the right size and pattern for your place.

Location - Don't forget to take the location into account. You should decide whether it's a hallway, bedroom, living room, or closet. The design, size, and height will totally depend upon the location where you want to place it. 

Material - The material can be of your choice, whether mango wood, engineered wood, or solid wood. However, the best material for any long-term furniture purchase is sheesham wood furniture, which requires little maintenance and is of high quality.

A Wise Choice is to Purchase Chests of Drawers Online for Your ideal Bedroom

When considering options for elegantly organizing your children's stuff, a hardwood chest of drawers is the first thing that comes to mind. A set of drawers is a vertical alignment of cabinets with at least three drawers placed on top of one another. It is a great way to organize spare clothes and other accessories. There are numerous designs and patterns available at UrbanWood.

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Wardrobes : It might be challenging, but ultimately worthwhile, to select a wardrobe style that complements your home. With our selection of high-end storage solutions, UrbanWood is here to assist you at every phase of the process. We have every style of trendy wardrobes you could imagine.

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UrbanWood : Your One Stop Destination For Customization

UrbanWood is one of the leading online furniture store, offering the best customized furniture with a single click. We shorten, elevate, and trim the furniture as per your comfort and requirements. You will receive tailored furniture in the exact size and dimensions that you provide. So, hurry and get the best-suited wooden furniture in the most convenient way by calling us on our toll- free number. 

Recently Asked User Questions about Chest of Drawers

Which material is ideal for chest of drawers design? 

Hardwood is a fantastic material for building drawer boxes in general. Compared to most hardwoods, it is far less expensive and more stable. Hardwood can be creamy white, yellowish tan, or brown in hue. It has a straight, homogeneous grain and is very simple to work with.

How should I arrange the drawers in my bedroom?

·         Before organizing, remove the mess.
·         Sort the goods according to how you'll wear them.
·         Keep large clothing in the closet.
·         Use dividers for drawers.
·         Create files rather than layers.
·         Alternatively, make one drawer into two.
·         Sort things by color.
·         Try not to jam too much in.

Which materials work best for chest of drawers?

Since hardwoods like Sheesham Wood, Mango Wood, Acacia and walnut tend to be tougher and denser, they are the best materials for furniture in general. UrbanWood Use significantly Solid Sheesham Wood For the long-lasting chest of drawers Furniture.

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