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Make Your Interior Design Stand Out with Urbanwood Wooden Closets : You must ensure that the furniture in the bedroom has a similar look to the bed framework and bedside tables. A contemporary closet design is crucial in determining the cleanliness of the space. In reality, adding a closet made of light wood or with Mirrored doors can intensify the light in a small room and give the impression that the space is larger and more open. Urbanwood offers a comprehensive selection of closet furniture styles to meet all needs and budgets. On our web platform, you may search for closet designs with hinged panels, sliding door wardrobe, mirrors or without mirrors, and more.

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The Following are Some of The Benefits of Having a Closet

Enhancing Clarity

A messy setting frequently results in a messy mind. Making decisions might become more challenging when a room's atmosphere is restless. However, a well-organized area clears the mess and makes choosing the ideal attire simpler. You'll feel better mentally to start the day by having a wooden wardrobe closet.

Looks Good

Your whole wardrobes will be widely available to you and in usable condition if your bathroom closet is organized. You'll be able to put up great outfits with ease if you have quick access to your full closet. Because your bathroom closet designs are always in style, you'll also feel more confident about the way you look.

Increasing Clothing Budget

You can always see what you have if your closet is arranged. This will stop you from purchasing clones or clothes that are very similar to what you already own. You may also make some additional cash by selling some of the clothes you no longer carry through a second-hand store or online auction site.

Help Others

It may be simpler to give away clothing to a charitable organization when you can see everything in your wardrobe. You'll have more space in the luxury closets for the things you love while also helping others.

Extra Space

Who doesn't like having more storage? Increased storage space will come easily from a thoroughly organized and optimized closet. You'll be able to be more organized than ever before thanks to this. Extra storage is always a wonderful addition, whether you use it for clothes or items from another part of your house.

Modern Wooden Wardrobes with Elegant and Versatile Features Can Enhance Your Interior


Sometimes difficult, picking a designer wardrobe that complements your home can be very gratifying. With our selection of high-quality storage solutions, Urbanwood has every style of contemporary closet design you could imagine. 

Sliding Door Wardrobes

Sliding door wardrobes are both functional and aesthetically modern. You may turn your wardrobe into a little walk-in closet if it slides from floor to ceiling. The wardrobe's hanging shelves and drawers assist in organizing your stuff, and its sliding glass doors make it simple to access everything at once.

Sliding Wardrobe

It is possible to install a sliding wardrobe to match any design that will work in almost any setting. Because there are no springs, the doors are strong and effectively act as cabinets, clearing the space. The sliding wardrobe is something you'll want to think about if you're renovating the bedroom.

Wooden Wardrobe

Wooden wardrobes are built from the best wood and are famous for their sturdiness and longevity. They can offer a warm, natural feel to a home and can be done in several colours and designs to go with the furnishings.

Mirrored Wardrobe

A beautiful example of a multipurpose storage solution is a mirrored wardrobe. You can avoid spending closet price on and taking up valuable floor space by attaching a full-length mirror to the wardrobe's door. Additionally, installing a mirror directly on the closet door is beneficial when choosing outfits.


The term "cupboard" is a type of furniture with 1 or 2 doors, typically having shelves, and being used to store items. You could use a cupboard that keeps you tidy and sane, whether it's a traditional two- or four-door model. The huge cupboard has it all, including useful objects from today as well as treasures from the past.


Aside from the usual use of keeping garments, an almirah has a variety of other things. For keeping items like footwear, cosmetics, jewelry, and other everyday necessities, a sturdy wooden almirah for the bedroom is needed. Here at Urbanwood, you may narrow down the choices based on your demands for space, the variety of doorways, as well as the wood.


You may satisfy all of your storage needs at Urbanwood by choosing from a variety of lovely अलमारी types in the widest almirah pricing ranges, colours, and sizes.

Get Your Ideal Furniture Design to Décor your Home Only at Urbanwood


However, choosing a bed isn't only about comfort and practicality. A bed frame with an unflattering design will stand out in your bedroom and disrupt the flow of your tastefully decorated space. You're in luck because Urbanwood offers a wide selection of exquisite alternatives, including grand canopy beds frames, and stylish metal frames.


If you are a bookworm at heart, getting a gorgeous bookshelf with lots of room is probably a must. A book rack serves many purposes, including displaying the prized novels that you've accumulated over the years as well as personal items like frames and travel memories.

Tv Units

The viewing experience is improved by the TV cabinet. Our multipurpose TV units are useful for storage, exhibition, and better space use. It's crucial to choose a TV unit style that matches the space, suits your tastes, and provides enough storage for your media player and collectibles.

Shoe Racks

The style of a shoe racks can be anything from traditional wooden racks with doors to chic steel shelves for an experimental look. Or, if you prefer useful furniture, look into the selection of shelves with benches.

Customized Furniture

Your original furniture ideas can become practical and long-lasting additions to your living space with the help of custom-made furniture. Custom furniture from Urbanwood offers you the unique advantages of durability and material flexibility.


What types of closet designs are available?

Latest closets designs are available 

·          Sliding door closet.

·          Glass closet.

·          3-door closet.

·          4-door closet.

·          Single closet.

·          Bathroom closet.

·          Portable closet.

and many more. You can easily find them at Urbanwood at a reasonable price.

How do I measure the closet size?

 Step into the closet and take an accurate measure of each wing/return wall. Each one could vary in size.

From the closet's side to the door frame, measure these walls.

Including the casing and trim molding, determine the width of your door(s).

On the worksheet, note the measurements.

If you are still having problems, UrbanWood's team is here to help you out.

What kind of material is ideal for closets?

 Melamine and wood are the two ideal materials for building custom closets because of their toughness, adaptability, and attractiveness. Discover why wood and melamine are the best materials for custom closets below.

What sizes ought a bedroom closet to have?

The average closet is around 24 inches deep. At least 36 to 48 inches should be available within a walk-in closet. The ideal closet width is at least half as wide as the space it occupies. The ideal closet size for a typical 12-by-12-foot bedroom is 6 feet wide by 48 inches deep.

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