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Wooden Wardrobe

Shop the finest wooden wardrobe collection at attractive discounts : Online solid wood wardrobes purchases rank among the most important ones you can make for your bedroom furniture. When designing a new apartment or renovating an existing one, choosing a modern wardrobe with a mirror is frequently one of the key considerations. UrbanWood's wooden wardrobe selection is a chic way to organize all of your clothes, accessories, belongings, and other requirements. We offer a significant variety of high-end, sturdy wooden wardrobe design online in India. They are made of high-quality Sheesham wood and have lovely finishes. Make your bedroom look great by choosing one of our creative and lovely bedroom wardrobe solutions, which will make it easy for you to manage your belongings.
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Various Wooden Wardrobe Can Only be Found at UrbanWood!

Sliding Door Wardrobe : A modern wooden wardrobe with sliding doors can be made of any material. However, plywood or wood are the most typical materials. Sliding wardrobe design look highly stylish in any home since they offer a very modern and contemporary appearance that standard doored closets do not. On UrbanWood, you have access to a huge selection of wooden sliding wardrobe solutions with wooden wardrobe sliding doors.

Glass Wardrobe : It is important to provide storage space with careful thought. After all, both your necessities and your priceless collectibles will be kept in the wooden wardrobe with mirror or almirah. What you require is a remedy that satisfies your requirements and complements the design of the house you now occupy. You can purchase a wooden wardrobe online from UrbanWood at a great price that is made with the highest quality to satisfy your storage needs.

Kitchen Wardrobe : With the amazing hardwood kitchen wardrobe that is readily available online, experience the joy of a spotless, organized kitchen. Kitchen wardrobes online are the furniture items that will give a well-organized kitchen. They are practical and aesthetically appealing in every aspect.

Portable Wardrobe : UrbanWood offers a wide range of portable wardrobes that are only available at affordable prices, from organizing children's toys to preserving jewelry. The foldable wardrobe is useful and ideal for conserving the little space you have. Additionally, they have fun and attractive fabric covers that your kids will love.

Single Wardrobe : If you decide to move, a small wooden wardrobe would be easier to transport, but a constructed wardrobe can be customized to your tastes, including door styles, storage configurations, and other elements. For a single door wardrobe, you can choose the outfit's colour, finish, and details in addition to its general appearance.

Wooden Wardrobe for Bedroom : When choosing the ideal Sheesham wood wardrobe for your room, there are a few things to consider. A built-in closet or a free-standing wardrobe must first be selected. The market's largest selection of solid wood almirah storage alternatives is now provided by UrbanWood.

Designer Wardrobe : If you're trying to achieve quality, it makes sense that the price of a designer wardrobe can cause you to second-guess yourself. However, if you shop at UrbanWood, there is no need for concern. With the knowledge that every piece is of the highest quality and that the wardrobe pricing is competitive, buy furniture online from UrbanWood right away.

UrbanWood The Best Place to Buy Wooden Wardrobe Online in India

UrbanWood's online furniture store for a large wardrobe might be fun. These bedroom closets are built to last for many generations. We made sure it would be straightforward and easy to buy your double wardrobe online. We offer 

Highest Quality : At UrbanWood, we exclusively use premium items since we value our customers highly. Whether we're manufacturing customized furniture from solid wood or premium solid wood, we never skimp on quality.

Affordably Priced Wardrobe : At UrbanWood, we don't want our customers to continually be in a hurry since our corner wardrobe costs are reasonable and won't break the bank. We provide wall wardrobes at the most competitive prices.

Special Deals : We provide additional, only-for-the-customer discounts on our wardrobes for sale. This includes free installation for products at your home, no-cost EMIs because we understand how much you want these wooden wardrobe doors, and 24-hour customer service for any queries.

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Closet : Every member of the family fits well in our carefully chosen assortment of closets. To suit every whim and niche, our collection includes a huge variety of materials, hues, and sizes.

Sheesham Wood Furnishings : Although buying wardrobes might be challenging, you shouldn't worry about this significant duty because UrbanWood is here to help. We provide you with premium, pest-resistant Sheesham wood wardrobes in a selection of styles.

Custom Furniture : It's challenging to design the perfect home. Since we are aware of the challenges, our experts are available to help you at every point. View our selection of furniture designed to meet your specific needs!

Almirah : An elegant, free-standing bedroom closet that doubles as a wardrobe is called an almirah. The almirah provides a ton of storage space, including shelves, and drawers for keeping your stuff orderly. Its vintage style gives your bedroom a touch of refinement, and it is portable.

Cupboards : UrbanWood presently sells modern, chic, solid wood cupboards online that are appropriate for many styles of homes. Since the cupboards are made of wood, there is no need to worry about ongoing maintenance.


What kind of wardrobes are available in different styles?

- Glass wardrobe.

- 3-door wardrobes.

- 4-door wardrobes.

- Single wardrobes

- Bedroom wardrobe.

- Kitchen wardrobe.

- Portable wardrobe.

UrbanWood has all of them, along with TV units, bookshelves, designer almirahs, shoe racks, and many more furniture pieces, at affordable prices and unbelievable discounts.

What type of wood is used to make wooden wardrobes?

Sheesham wood is one of the strongest and most resilient materials for wardrobes. They can form sturdy layers and are equally strong throughout.

Are wooden wardrobes durable and long-lasting?

Sheesham wood and mango wood are the two ideal materials for building custom wardrobes because of their toughness, adaptability, and attractiveness. 

How do I assemble a wooden wardrobe?

You don't need to assemble a wardrobe when you buy it from UrbanWood. We make it available to you within the promised time limit. So just go on with shopping for furniture with us and also use different discount coupons to avail running offers across the website.

How do I choose the right size and style of wooden wardrobe for my room?

The solid wood almirah is 6' tall, as per industry standards. Typically, the closet is 3' by 6', or 18 square feet. If you are still having trouble with measurements, the UrbanWood team is here to help.

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