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Buy a Wooden Cupboard to make a Good Impression and a Wise Investment: Choosing a cupboard for your house can be a laborious process, especially since the type of furniture you buy can determine how the room will look as a whole. You can purchase a cupboard made from wood or even metal, but Sheesham wood offers the most long-term durability. It is appropriate for all types of climates and situations due to its inherent resistance to pests and rust. You can choose from a range of Sheesham wooden cupboard price from Urbanwood that can both effectively and glitzi enhance your homes. Explore the wonderful world of UrbanWood's gorgeous Solid wood cupboards now to instantly transform the appearance of your space at incredibly low prices!

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Explore Our Stylish Cupboards to Minimize Mess in Your Home!

Free-standing Antique Cupboards : The most often utilized cabinet in any house is this one. It is a wooden vintage-style cabinet, as the name would imply, and it is easily portable from one side to another. Both the living room and the bedroom are suitable locations for these cupboards. It may be used to store clothes, cosmetics, books, and documents and has a stylish traditional design. This wooden cupboard for clothes has plenty of room to store a variety of items. You can effortlessly organize your storage and clear your environment of mess. The free-standing old cloth cupboard wooden in the bedroom may look great next to a hardwood king sized bed.

Wall Mounted Cupboards that Extend to the Ceiling : For the majority of homeowners or renters, space is a huge problem. You will choose cabinets that take up the least amount of room if you want to make the most of your living space. So, wall-mounted cupboards that are built from floor to ceiling are ideal for your needs. This wall-mounted wooden cupboard for bedroom will give the décor of your area a contemporary and tidy appearance. Additionally, you may alter the size and style to suit your tastes by adding shelves, dividers, and drawers.

Elegant Walk-In Cupboards : All women aspire to have a walk-in cupboard. This small wooden cupboard for clothes gives the space an opulent appearance and is perfect for organizing and storing items like clothing, shoes, accessories, luggage, etc.

Modern Kitchen Cupboards : The kitchen's cupboards are one of its most important components. Without it, your kitchen will look congested and untidy. In addition to serving as storage, the cupboards' design should complement the aesthetic of the kitchen. A modern, effective kitchen can be built using a variety of cupboard types. Additionally, you may get a wooden cupboard online from UrbanWood to keep the kitchen tidy.

Cupboard For Shoe: Do you remember stepping over a dirty slipper or shoe as you entered or left the house? These mishaps frequently occur when family members put their shoes out in a disorganized manner. You can get a shoe closet to keep your shoes organized and prevent similar mishaps.

Cupboard For Bathroom : The bathroom is filled with various items, including towels, body wash, shampoos, face washes, hygiene packages, shaving kits, and more. When selecting a bathroom cupboard, look at the many types of cabinet hinges. They ought to be resilient enough to withstand wetness. By getting a wooden cupboard with a mirror from Urbanwood, you might give the appearance that your bathroom is richer.

Pick Your Customized Wooden Wardrobes to Give Your Home A mess-free Look!

Sliding Door Wardrobe : Sliding wardrobes are perfect for houses, apartments, dorms, and offices because they blend space-saving efficiency with aesthetic. Because they don't open outward like fixed or bi-folding alternatives, the doors slide over or under one another to conserve room. The majority of sliding wardrobe systems provide a modern feel that will complement modern living and serve as an alternative to more traditional cupboards.

Trimax : People prefer and choose the trimax Mirrored wardrobe because it is the most useful and versatile piece of furniture in the house. Whether you want a traditional or contemporary style, one-door or multiple-door mirrored wardrobe, including its mirror feature, Urbanwood has everything you need to redefine your cupboard area.

Newson : Urbanwood gives you countless possibilities for the newest modern newson wardrobe designs, ranging from hardwood to MDF versions, so your space will be clutter-free! Browse the impressive selection of wood almirah designs for bedrooms that feature a variety of styles to go with various interior design styles.

Robin : This very roomy wardrobe has a traditional appearance and is very big. Your room's décor will have a royal feel thanks to its magnificent wooden designs. Its design has plenty of storage space so that everything may be kept in orderly safety. Sheesham wood, a sturdy wood with great quality, is used to make the two-door wardrobe.

Newon : The Newon wardrobe is a stunning piece of modern furniture with wonderful designs. It's a two-door cupboard with numerous drawers below in various sizes. A large cabinet is intricately crafted with lovely patterns in this, while other drawers are plain with an incredible touch. The doors are subdued. The furniture has high-quality metal rectangular handles. So don't hesitate too long; order a wooden wardrobe from Urbanwood online.

We Also Offer Other Furnishings for Home and Offices!

In addition to making customized wooden almirah, we also offer comprehensive home design furniture, such as Beds, tv units, bookshelves, shoe racks, coffee tables, and designer beds end-to-end home interior design are among the spectrum of design and renovation services we offer. Urbanwood provides modern home decor ideas to help you decorate in the most up-to-date and unique way.


What is the average cupboard height?

The normal height for the cupboard box is 34.5". The typical cupboard is 36" tall when coupled with the countertop. Bathroom vanities are normally a little shorter, at roughly 32" than kitchen cupboards, which are typically 36" tall.

Can I modify a cupboard's size and design?

Your cupboards can be modified however you choose. However, it's ideal to adhere to or stay near a few conventional proportions to maximize your kitchen's space, and facilitate workflow and storage. Urbanwood gives you the option to personalize your cupboard.

What kinds of cupboards are available?

Free-standing cupboards, Wall Mounted Cupboards, Customized Cupboards. and All types of cupboards are available at Urbanwood, you can get them on EMI as well.

What kind of cupboard is better?

Wooden kitchen cupboards are incredibly robust and long-lasting. Because, this is a more long lasting option. Over wooden cabinets, doors made of steel or aluminum are an option, but they are not as durable as wooden cupboards.

How do I choose the right cupboard for my space?

Choosing the right cupboard can be done with proper measurements. However, you can check the details on the website and go for the standard size as well. Standard sizes are made as per general requirements. Try the option of customization if you are really particular about it and do not want to take any risk with adjustment. For the best customized furniture in India, check out UrbanWood.

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