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Designer Almirah

Do you have a designer almirah in your bedroom?  Are you looking for one? A well-designed room gets approval only when it has proper storage space and is clutter-free. Multi-utility furniture is always the hero of the house. Spacious furniture also comes in various designs and patterns. If you are trend-obsessed, you might choose an elegant and contemporary almari design. Ensure that the bedroom furniture design complements that of the bed frame and bedside tables. Modern architecture has a big impact on how tidy the area is. In reality, adding an almirah constructed of light wood or with mirror doors can increase the amount of light in a small room, giving the impression that it is larger and more open. UrbanWood offers a variety of designer almirahs to suit different needs and budgets. On our website platform, you can browse wardrobe design with hinged panels, sliding doors, mirrors or without mirrors, and more.

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Buy Modern Almirah Designs Can be Finished With The Following Surfaces 

Laminate : It is one of the most commonly used materials in wardrobe designs. It's easy to clean and low on maintenance as well. Various colours and designs are available to choose from.

Veneer : The veneer on your furniture is a thin layer of natural wood. It comes in a variety of designs. It goes with both contemporary and modern furniture.

Metal : The metal trend never dies. If you are the one who loves the bold look then metal should be your choice for sure.

Glass : Wardrobes with glasses add glitz and glamour to any space. You don't need extra space to place a mirror if you choose a mirrored wardrobe.

Leather : The love for leather comes when you have a taste for luxury and style. You can go for leather, faux leather, or vinyl panels on your wooden wardrobe.

Having a Wardrobe in Your Home has The Following Benefits

Good Looking

Your entire room will be available to you and in usable shape if your bedroom wardrobe is organized. You can pull together amazing outfits with ease if you have quick access to your whole wardrobe. Your wooden almirah design is always in style, so you'll feel better about the way you look.

Keeping your Clothing Budget in Check

You can always see what you have if your closet is organized. This will stop you from purchasing extra items or clothes that are quite similar to what you currently have. You might be able to make some extra money by selling some of the clothes and other items you no longer need through a used store or online auction site.

Enhancing Clarity

Typically, a messy mind corresponds to a dirty environment. Making decisions could be harder in a tense environment. However, a tidy setting eliminates clutter and facilitates choosing the appropriate outfit. You can start the day with better mental health if you have a wardrobe.

Who Doesn't Like Having More Storage?

Additional space will be available with ease if the wardrobe is correctly designed and optimized. You'll be able to be more organized than ever thanks to this. Having more storage is always a plus, whether you use it for clothes or household stuff.

Adding Modern Wooden Wardrobes to Your Interior Can Enhance The Look and Space in Your House


While occasionally difficult, picking a wall almirah design that complements your house can be highly rewarding. Every modern अलमारी design you can think of is available at UrbanWood, along with a wide range of top-notch storage choices.

Wardrobe with A Sliding Door

Sliding wardrobes blend modern style with functionality. You could turn your wardrobe into a small walk-in closet if it could swing up and down. You may organize your possessions using the wardrobe's drawers and hanging racks, and its sliding glass doors make it simple to access everything at once. For a variety of the latest bedroom almirah designs, check out UrbanWood.

Slider Wooden Wardrobes

 A sliding wardrobe can be set up to match any design and perform in just about any setting. Since there are no springs, the doors are strong and effectively double as cabinets, saving space. We provide almari new design as well as almirah design for bedroom at simple and affordable prices.

Wooden Wardrobes

Wooden wardrobe are renowned for their strength and lifespan since they are made of the best wood. They may give a room a warm, natural feel and be available in a range of colours and designs to fit the furnishings. There are a plethora of modern wardrobe designs for master bedrooms on the market from which to choose.

Mirrored Wardrobe

A beautiful example of multipurpose storage is a mirrored designer wardrobe. Instead of purchasing and occupying valuable floor space, you can save money and space by attaching a full-length mirror to the wardrobe's door. When choosing clothes, it is also beneficial to have a mirror immediately on the closet door. Mirrors in the almirah design latest can serve multiple purposes and be quite practical at the same time.


The term "cupboard" refers to a piece of furniture with one or two doors, typically with shelves, and used to store items. You could benefit from having a cupboard that you can use to keep yourself in order and under control. Both historical artifacts and necessary materials are housed in the massive cabinet.


An almirah can be used for a variety of things other than storing clothes. To store items like jewelry, cosmetics, and other everyday necessities, a master bedroom wardrobe design with a dressing table is necessary. Based on your needs for space, the variety of doorways, and the wood, you can restrict your options at UrbanWood.

To satisfy all of your storage needs, choose a modern wardrobe design from a variety of exquisite options available at UrbanWood in the widest range of wardrobe design at affordable prices.

You Can Only Find Your Sheesham Wood Furniture at UrbanWood

TV Cabinets

A TV cabinet makes watching more enjoyable. Our multipurpose TV stand is useful for organizing, displaying, and making better use of available space. It's crucial to choose a contemporary TV cabinet design that goes with the decor of the space, accommodates your tastes, and provides lots of storage for your media player and valuables.

Wooden Shoe Racks

They are available in a range of styles, from traditional oak racks with doors to chic steel shelves with a contemporary look. If you want functional furniture, you might also take a look at the selection of shoe cabinets with shoe storage.

Custom-Made Furniture

We can help your innovative furniture ideas become practical and long-lasting additions to your living space. With custom furniture, you might take advantage of the unique benefits of durability and material adaptability. UrbanWood through our online furniture store.


However, choosing a beds entails more factors than just its comfort and intended purpose. If your bed frame is unsightly in style, your bedroom will stand out and break the flow of your tastefully arranged space. You're in luck since UrbanWood has a large selection of luxurious canopy bed frames and stylish metal frames with storage cabinets and painted drawers as replacements for expensive modern wardrobe designs.

Wooden Bookshelves

If you've always been a reader, getting a beautiful bookcase with lots of room is undoubtedly a must. Along with cherished books, a wooden book rack or wooden bookshelf can be used to display individual items such as frames and travel souvenirs.


What types of wardrobe designs are available?

Sliding door wardrobe

Mirrored Wardrobe

Antique Wall room Almirah

Plywood wooden almirah

Open Room Almirah

Concrete and Glass Almirah

and many more. At UrbanWood, they are simple to locate and reasonably priced. We have a unique assortment of Sheesham wood furniture in our locations. Additionally, purchasing wooden furniture online is simple.

How do I choose the right almari design for my bedroom?

You can select the standard size after taking measurements of the available space and the door. The height of the door must be measured because it is essential to the execution. The design shouldn't be clunky or out of place; rather, it should go well with the overall design and the space that is available, leaving the room tidy when all is said and done.

Can I customize the design of my almari?

The option that is most in vogue right now is customization. Therefore, you can easily go for customized furniture. Using this feature, your room will look exactly how you want it to. without any dangers. To watch your fantasies come true, call us at our toll-free number to buy furniture online.

Are designer almirahs expensive?

Designer almirahs are not expensive; in fact, UrbanWood has brought a variety of designs at unbeatable prices. So, why go here and there when you can get everything with just a single click at our online furniture store

What are the benefits of buying a designer almirah?

Designer almirahs revamp the look of your space. They add glamour and richness to the interior, along with adding storage to your space. Just click on our website to buy furniture online. 

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