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Bookshelf Design

Find a Wide Range Of Designer Bookshelves On Urbanwood : Are you planning to buy a bookshelf? If yes, then it is suggested that you do some research. Because there is a wide range of bookshelves available in the market. So, choosing the bookshelf that exactly meets your needs involves some research work. As a home for a wide range of designer bookshelves and home furnishings, Urbanwood helps you find the bookshelf that exactly meets all your needs. Whether it is a wall bookshelf, a wooden bookshelf, or others we will help you in getting what you need.

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List of Different Bookshelf Designs that Would Appeal to Your Inner Bookworm

Open Bookshelf : A bookcase that has its front and back left open is called an open bookshelf. There are open sides on several open bookcase designs. It is ideal for displaying books alongside other items you may have, such as pictures, mementos, and decorative items. You can display a variety of items alongside your books thanks to the open structure. It is the perfect bookshelf made to display your books' lovely covers.

Ladder Bookshelf : The ladder bookshelf is one of the most popular styles of bookcases. They are open bookshelves with lightweight frames and a small design that resemble ladders. They work well against any wall without taking up much room and go best with modern design.

Stair-Shaped Bookshelf : Stair-shaped bookshelves are, as the name suggests, bookshelves with cubes placed on top of each other to resemble a stairway. These bookshelves are space-efficient and improve the appearance of your living room by creating a dedicated reading area. You can choose whether the fashionable zigzag design features open or closed cabinets.

Closed Bookshelf : To protect your books from dust and everyday wear and tear, a closed book shelves is an ideal solution. You can store your books and other items privately in closed cabinets. There are designs for closed bookshelves that are completely covered, with solid wood doors on each shelf, sliding doors, or a mix of open and closed shelves. Depending on your style or necessity, pick a closed bookshelf design from the available choices from Urbanwood.

Tree-shaped Bookshelf : These bookshelves are in the form of trees that might be real or abstract, with shelves perched on branches or branches acting as shelves. You can choose whether they are little or large. Because of their characteristic shape, they are uncluttered, and you may organize your books by genre by displaying them on different branches.

Know The Benefits of Having a Designer Bookshelf

The following are the various benefits of having a bookshelf - 

- Having a solid wood bookshelf gives you a designated space for storing and organizing your books, which can help you keep your home clutter-free and make it easier to find the book you're looking for.
- A sheesham wood bookshelf may be a way to show others your interests and personality since the books you choose to display can give them a glimpse into your hobbies and the things you value.
- A wooden book rack provides more room for storage than just books. One may choose to decorate it with lights, vases, flowers, artwork, pictures, vacation photos, sculptures, and much more. 
- A wall bookshelf may be utilized for more than simply storage; it can be used as a decorative element to provide style and appeal to any space.
Children can pick up a lot from bookcases. Having a large selection of books in a bookcase within your child's reach may encourage them to read and learn new topics on their own. This can boost a young child's interest in learning and reading.
- Bookcases are available in a huge variety of styles, sizes, patterns, and materials. Therefore, you can select any item that perfectly complements your room and expresses your personal taste. There are wall-mounted racks, corner shelves, tower cabinets, ladder-style wood bookcases, and shelves with glass doors.

Buy Online Bookshelf Design on Wall and Other Home Furnishings

Are you forcing yourself to compromise on quality because of the cost of the bookshelf? If your answer is yes, then we are here to help you. Urbanwood offers a wide variety of bookshelves like a sheesham wood bookshelf, wall bookshelf, and many more, at very affordable prices without compromising on quality. Apart from bookshelves, Urbanwood also offers different kinds of home furnishings like designer bedroom furniture, modern tv wall design, solid wood wardrobes, shoe racks, solid wood beds, book racks, and many others. We are one of the highly rated online furniture stores in Location. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today to give your house a new look by purchasing our high-quality bookshelves and solid wood furniture at affordable prices. You can also get customized furniture from Urbanwood.

Recently Asked User Questions about Bookshelf Design

How is a bookcase different from a bookshelf?

A book rack design for home is a self-supporting and free-standing piece of furniture that is designed to sit on the floor. Whereas the bookshelf design on wall is usually designed to be set on a wall. You can select a simple bookshelf design depending on the budget you have, your living space, and your needs.

What other purposes do bookshelves serve apart from storing books?

Modern bookshelf designs have several other purposes besides serving as a place to store all of your favorite books. They work well for organizing, displaying, and arranging various items in the house. The following are the different ways to use book shelves designs around the house.

- You can also use them to store your shoes inside
- A bookshelf also helps to keep all your sweaters and excess clothes neat and tidy.

How did the price of the bookshelf decide?

The price of the bookshelf is decided depending on the material used and the wooden bookshelf design. Bookshelves made of plywood are not strong, long-lasting, as compared to solid wood.

What are the different kinds of wood used in making bookshelves?

Because of their sturdiness, strength, and lifespan, woods like mahogany, African padauk, and are regarded as the best woods for bookshelves. but they are a bit costly. Birch, oak, and pine are the most commonly used in creating bookshelves. You can also get a solid wood bookshelf from Urbanwood. 

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