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Box Storage Beds

Get your Designer Box Bed For Your Bedroom at a Reasonable Price : Want to give your bedroom a little more elegance? Nothing can match the luxury of a box bed. The box beds with storage style of earlier consisted of a bed contained within a cabinet. A box bed with drawers strikes the ideal mix between form and purpose. Despite the piece's storage space, its solid lines make it the perfect addition to your home's organization. Bedrooms can benefit from the addition of box storage beds. However, the price of the box storage beds often turns away customers because of their expectations. When you purchase your box bed online, however, you can relax knowing that Urbanwood is giving you the best possible price.

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Here are Some Benefits of Storage Beds

Increase your Space

People are relocating to smaller houses with smaller bedrooms today. Utilizing beds with storage will help you make the most of the space you have while compensating for the reduced size.

Utilizing Limited Space

Beds made of wood are only used for sleeping. Therefore, to make better use of them, you may choose a simple bed design with storage or a unique wooden bed design with storage so that your guests can rest easily in lots of room.

Allow Extra Space in the Closets and Cabinets

Blankets, pillows, and bedding are seasonal items that are only required throughout the winter. As a result, you may move items to bed storage to free up a lot of room in closets for the storage of products used every day. Urbanwood provide a range of bed sizes, bed design latest, and Customized furniture.

Enhances The Decor of Your Home

Storing old clothing and bed linens ruins the appearance of your home. You can store a lot of new stuff with the aid of Custom made furniture or a custom storage bed with lots of storage space without ruining the aesthetics of the room.

Money Savings

People just starting their new lives, students, and couples frequently lack furnishings to furnish their homes or bedrooms. By purchasing an additional wardrobe or storage space with storage mattresses that can fit their demands, they can save money.

Check out our latest box storage bed design ideas for a luxurious look in your bedroom!

Queen Size Box Bed With Storage

Couples should choose this type of bed since it gives them some of their own space while still allowing them to bond. Consider a queen-sized box bed with storage to enhance the bed's usability.

King Size Box Bed with Storage

It is ideal for people who have trouble falling asleep or who use up lots of space while they sleep. Because of the addition of large sideboards and headboards, the king-sized box bed has a regal style befitting of a large master bedroom.

Single Box Bed with Storage

A single box bed can give the appearance of a larger bed than it is. Additionally, the extra storage capacity might make up for a smaller wardrobe.

Double Box Bed with Storage

A double-size box bed with storage can fit two people, as the title says. These beds work best for sharing a bed with a partner or a sibling. Additionally, a double bed works well in a small bedroom.

Platform Box Bed with Storage

This platform box bed with storage somehow takes us to a high-end room due to its texture. If you have a lot of things to store but don't want it to appear that you do, the two slots in the platform frame's headboard are easy to use and combine multiples into the design.

Poster Box Bed with Storage

The hardwood four-poster beds available online are the true show-stoppers that will saturate your bedroom with affection, comfort, and luxury and steal the show.

Diwan Box Bed with Storage

Diwan box beds with storage are practical pieces of furniture, so if you lack space, you should think about getting one.

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What is the name of a bed that has a mattress under it?

A trundle bed is a small bed frame with bedding that may be placed underneath another bed because it is low to the ground. The wheels on the frame make it simple to move out and use. If you need to comfortably host guests but have a small space, this space-saving style is ideal for you.

How much space will a double bed require?

A double bed needs a space that is 10 by 10 feet in size. This gives the bed enough room to fit without making the room feel small or crowded.

How to clean under a bed without removing it?

If you have a dryer in hand, you can utilize it to get rid of the dust and bugs that are living under your bed. Have a brush, vacuum, or duster nearby while you're using the hair dryer to remove any leftover dirt.

How long does a bed in a box last?

Both mattresses in boxes and those not in boxes typically last eight years on average. A mattress in a box can last anywhere from seven to ten years, depending mostly on the quality and materials used.

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