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Looking for furniture in Goa to decorate your newly purchased home? The difficulty comes with buying a new house or even renovating an existing one. It requires proper planning and expense. Goa is a highly fast-paced city where there is little opportunity for you to settle in before your work demands all of your efforts. Finding a furniture shop in Goa that can simplify the process of decorating your home quickly and simply is crucial for this reason. You can get the best assistance with it from Urbanwood. We know how challenging it may be to decorate your place from start to finish. Therefore, we have collected everything you require for your property in one location.

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Solid Wood Poster Beds

Purchase solid Sheesham wood poster beds in India. Available in all sizes (King and Queen) and with various storage options, including top opening storage, drawer storage, and regulars.

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  • Made in Solid Sheesham Wood.
  • The unique texture of this lovable poster bed looks very classy when polished.
  • 1 Year Warranty & Free Delivery All India.
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The Furniture Items We Are Offering You to Renovate Your Home in Goa


Our furniture stores in Goa offer custom wardrobes options in Goa that include walk-in closets, cabinets, solo and attached furniture, and more. From conception to completion, we work directly with you to realize your ideas while giving you a variety of options for materials, colors, patterns, door styles, and interior layouts.

Tv Units

Wooden TV stands are a necessary piece of entertainment furniture for your living room, where you spend quality time with your loving family. For our valuable clients, we are providing a complete selection of Hardwoods tv units online and in our furniture shops in Panjim. We provide a variety of sizes and color options for Indian hardwood TV stands online to match your living room's decor.


Bookshelves are considered the best friends of readers, writers, artists, and book lovers. To meet each person's needs with the utmost precision, our furniture shops in Margao, offer an amazing collection of hardwood Bookshelves.

Shoe Racks

To handle the enormous variety of shoes, we have the top collection of wooden shoe racks. Our furniture stores in Goa make it possible to meet your needs for the appropriate location to store shoes. This specific hardwood shoe rack furniture unit, which was inspired by a variety of wooden shoe stand styles, is designed to hold your choice of shoes and boots in the most amazing way.

Fabric Sofas

The living area is the most complicated part of your home because it is frequently crowded with guests and family members. So, a gorgeous fabric sofa is required to cover this important area. A sofa set in Goa can alter the atmosphere in your living space. The sofa set in Goa is incredibly soft and comfortable, which will undoubtedly provide you additional pleasure throughout extended periods of sitting.

Wooden Sofas

This Wooden sofa set in Goa is an essential component of a trendy living room. When a sizable check arrives in an individual's account, allowing them to improve their quality of living, they consider buying a sofa. You can choose from a variety of hardwood sofa set designs, depending on what type of making best suits your home.

Explore Our Bed Collection and Give Your Bedroom a Luxurious Look!

Diwan Beds

Your room's décor will shine due to the excellent diwan bed that is built in attractive styles. Our furniture stores in Goa have an extensive selection of diwan beds online featuring some of the most fantastic styles that may successfully meet your room's space needs.

Poster Bed

Don't waste time and install this epitome of luxury and comfort, the Four poster bed, in your beloved home if you want to give your house a rich, five-star vibe. They have a regal character when hung in the plush texture, which when combined results in a wonderful, elegant, and opulent bedroom. Our furniture shops in Panjim offer a numerous collection of poster beds.

Single Beds

If you like to sleep alone, a single beds is the ideal option for you. Because of customizing your solid wood single bed to meet your needs, including size and design, Urbanwood is undoubtedly the finest place to purchase hardwood single beds in India. Additionally, all of our furniture shops in Margao offer single beds that are constructed from sturdy wood.

Designer Bed

Your room's décor will look amazing due to the excellent designer bed that is built in attractive styles. Our furniture shops in Panjim have an extensive selection of designer beds online and feature some of the most fantastic styles that may effectively meet your room's space needs.

What defines Urbanwood as the ideal furniture maker?

We can confidently assert that Urbanwood is the ideal furniture stores in Goa for several reasons. Our shops provide a wide range of services to meet all of your home furnishing requirements. Planning how to make the most of the area you have is where we start. You can get assistance with it from our team of talented interior designers and architects. The staff can offer advice on what type of furniture could be the greatest fit for your home after we have a better understanding of the space. Get a feel for the furniture we sell in our locations as your next step. We are committed to giving you the highest-quality products at our furniture stores in Goa.

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Where can I buy the best traditional wooden furniture in Goa?

You can Visit Online Furniture Store in Goa Urbanwood Furniture because Urbanwood provides traditional wooden furniture in Goa. Superior quality is our USP so without any second thought just give us a call on our toll free number or visit our website to get detailed information for the same.

Is there any warranty on the wooden furniture in Goa?

If you buy hardwood furniture it will last an average of 10 to 15 years. Ordinary wood furniture is not the same thing, though. Handmade wood furniture of heirloom quality ought to last for several years. So before buying, ask the salesman if there is any warranty period or not.

How do I get customized furniture in Goa for my home?

In today's world, everything is customizable. If you want customized furniture for your property, You can Visit Online Furniture Store in Goa Urbanwood Furniture. We customize furniture as per your requirements and needs. Just click on the link to get endless options for your home as well as commercial space.

Is it worth buying solid wood furniture in Goa?

It's a wise purchase. Because high-quality solid wood furniture is so durable, the higher initial cost ends up saving you money over time. However, because they are made of solid wood, the items in your home may only need to be purchased once.

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- Dedicated Customer Care

The dedicated customer service team is here to assist you in every manner possible. Call us with any questions or issues with your home and workplace furnishings.

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