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5 Seater Wooden Sofa Set

5 Seater Wooden Sofa Set is appropriate for your living room furniture and utilized as home decor. This household product is extremely obliging and extensive that can be laid for five individuals all at once. The sofa is all around cushioned which ends up adding to the comfort level given by the product. The casing is intense and strong simultaneously to confront termites that may influence the solidness factor of the product. The straight forward and calm design of wooden sofas commands the notice of your visitors and is all around finished which gives it a smooth and polished appearance. Specifically, with the use of our quality wood and expert craftsmanship, these pieces will continue to go for the years to come.
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Amazing 5 Seater Wooden Sofa Set Designs

We as a whole prefer to roll out ideal improvements to our home stylistic decor. Perhaps the most ideal method of tidying up your living room space is acquainting another sofa with the environmental factors.

We realize you should imagine that getting another 5 seater sofa set can end up being pocket squeezing, however, Urbanwood furniture brings to you a range of moderate, yet great furniture design which will add a touch of marvelousness to your living space.

Nothing characterizes your living room more than your sofa, and we have plenty of alternatives for you to browse. From comfortable one-seater sofa to excellent three-seater sofa, we present to you the absolute best in premium seating

A variety of upholstery, including sleek cowhide, delicate textures, or feasible leatherette. Peer down to research surface couch, chair sofa, sofa with pouffes, and the sky is the limit from there.

Sofa Design For Living Room

You need to fathom that the size of your front room matters an incredible arrangement concerning picking a couch. You can buy the latest wooden sofa designs, or choose a 5 seater wooden sofa set contingent upon the space you have.

Make certain to choose something which is space-saving furniture like a sofa with storage with the extra room is nicely designed will help you keep the space cleaned up.

Different Types of Sofa Designs & Materials

The upholstery of the sofas matters a great deal! on account of the numerous movements in the inside plan, you can peruse across a wide scope of surfaces. Some of them are:

Fabric sofas:

This incorporates materials like cotton, rayon, cloth, fleece, silk, and dealt wood mash. These are truly agreeable and the tight weaves hold up for quite a while.

They are accessible in a lot of tones and are ideal for family use. Nevertheless, solid wood & fabric materials don't stain protected and negligible more delicate than engineered strands and leather.

Leather Sofa:

An incredibly well-known material, cowhide is a readied animal stowed away. leather couches are exorbitant because they are inconceivably strong and engaging. Most of these couches can be found in different shades of tans and tans, to add a contemporary look to the plan.

Bonded Leather Sofa:

Pleather is usually called fake leather, resembles a calfskin couch anyway may not wear as well. In any case, they are more affordable and exceptionally alluring, and hard to tell from unique leather.

Synthetic Microfiber Sofa:

This fibre turns out to be an oil-based commodity made by extruding the chemical into material strands which are woven together to make a texture. The most notable fabricated strands used in the production of couch upholstery are polyester, acrylic, and nylon.

These surfaces have the strength and sometimes are blended in with ordinary fibre to make the surface sensitive and agreeable against the skin. These are not hard to clean and are impenetrable to obscuring.

Type of Wooden Sofa Set

Sofa Cum Beds:

These are smaller and are incredible to put in workplaces. You can several them to make extra seating space in your living room, these additionally proved to be useful to fill in a specific void corner of the house. Amazingly comfortable, these are ideal for making happy with seating in a little home.

3-Seater Sofas:

These are interesting and aren't found in many homes. In any case, they are ideal to make seating space in the room. Or on the other hand, you can put them in the living room alongside certain stools to set up a comfortable yet minimized living room style.

5-Seater Wooden Sofa Set:

Ideal for huge families, these sofas are best for huge living rooms. You can combine them up with two more single-seater sofas to make a comfortable space. Available in a variety of designs, the 5 seater sofas are ideal for family homes as they are sufficiently open to situate huge groups of different visitors.

L-Shaped Sofas:

Durable and comfortable, these sofas are strong and ideal for enormous families. Moreover, the contemporary design separates them from the standard sofa set design.

These are adaptable and offer space for the board arrangements while adding an in-vogue component to the insides. They can be set in various pieces of the room and are ideal for individuals who have a medium-sized living room.


Supremely classy the recliner sofas are ideal for individuals who like to appreciate the most extreme degree of comfort. The individuals who have an upsetting position or experience the ill effects of back and joint torments ought to absolutely put resources into a chair since it improves stance and blood circulation. Available in a variety of designs, these accompany extra features, for example, an inherent body knead framework.

Sofas With Storage:

At the point when you go through the many fabric sofa designs available at Urbanwood, at that point you can consider purchasing a sofa that has an extra room, so utilize the restricted room which most atomic homes have.

The storage segment will permit you to ward off blankets, cushions, toys, and different things, giving your home a messiness-free appearance. Try not to stress over the financial budget, Urbanwood has some moderate arrangements on the sofa, so take advantage of them.

How do can I choose a sofa for the living room?

The stunt is basic, remember your financial design, ensure that you select something which is as per the size of your living room, and lastly pick something which converges with the remainder of the room's feel.

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