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Sheesham wood dining table

Explore the World of Sheesham Wood Dining Tables: Solid wood dining tables in India are famous. It has versatility in design, emerging beauty, and cost-effectiveness. Sheesham, or Indian Rosewood, is a tree to India, Australia, and Iran. The sheesham wood dining table buy is at its peak not in India but globally. Most people prefer to have dinner with the family in front of the TV at night. Some studies are clear that sitting together at the dining table is the best for your health. It has been proven to help bring people together and improve family relationships, and inspire you to eat healthier. Your dining table plays a vital role. So it needs to be well-built and durable. For which people blindly trust Sheesham Wood. If you are searching for a Sheesham-quality dining set with great design and style, turn to Urbanwood. Here is a wide world of customized furniture that has the potential to transform your home.

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Why Sheesham  Dining Table Stands Out 

Sheesham wood is synonymous with abundant and top-end furnishings. It has a bright red hue and unique pattern, adding on the best look to the area. Sheesham has traditionally been used to make sophisticated furniture, so when it comes to expertly designing solid wood table sets to withstand a lot of wear and tear, sheesham is the best option. The dining table sets offer the following key benefits:

Durability and Strength: Sheesham is admired for its durability and strength. This is because of its dense and firm nature, which can stand daily use and time. The sturdiness of Sheesham wood ensures that your dining table will remain in excellent condition for years, even with regular use and the occasional knock.

Natural Beauty: The sheesham designer dining table acts like an all-rounder. On the one hand, it has a proven relation with durability. On the other hand, it showcases a unique grain pattern, varying from dark to light tones, creating an eye-catching visual appeal. Each natural wood dining table set will fill the elegance and individuality of your dining space. 

Longevity: Whether it is 6 seater dining table sets or 4 or 2, if the construction is of solid wood, then longevity will be sure. It is possible with proper care and maintenance. Proper maintenance will make your solid wood dining table set everlasting furniture. The high-quality craftsmanship and inherent durability of Sheesham wood promise that your dining table will retain its beauty and functionality over time.

Resistance to Moisture and Decay: Sheesham wood dining set makes you worry-free from wood rotting or discolouration. The material can withstand exposure to moisture or damp conditions without deteriorating or experiencing structural damage. The inherent properties make it highly resistant to moisture and decay. Hence the suitable choice for various applications, including dining tables and beds. 

Environmentally Friendly: Sheesham wood is considered an eco-friendly option. It is achieved through sustainable tree planting, ensuring that forests are responsibly managed and replenished. That is, whether choosing a sheesham wood study table or a dining table, you should try natural wood while making an eco-conscious choice.

Explore Finest Sheesham Wood Dining Tables at Urbanwood 

At Urbanwood, You can find an exclusive range of dining tables with the richness of Sheesham wood: 

Sheesham dining table 6 seater: Our hidden gems in modern dining table set 6 seater are Brownbell, Deck, Mystic, Quipo, Tablry Dining Table Sets, etc. All these 6 seater dining tables provide an extremely modern contemporary look. They help to create a stylish version of your dining area.  

4 seater dining table sets: The most preferred sets among 4 seater dining tables are Knit, Tale, and Woodora Dining Set. All these options are suitable for kitchen, dining room, coffee shop, and domestic use. The sheesham dining table 4 seater comes with padded cushioned chairs, giving a comfortable feel.

Round dining table sets: If you want a space-efficient design for your dining table, check out our Knit 4-Seater Round Dining Table Set. Its cornerless design promotes better conversation and interaction among diners. Additionally, it is the best consideration in the term safety. People recommend it for homes with kids. If you are looking for a dining table for a small house, you can also go with a folding dining table 4 seater, constructed in various shapes, round, oval, square, and many more.

Sheesham Wood Dining Table for Every Home

Traditional dining sets usually include chairs, but at Urbanwood, you can opt for a table without chairs. The list includes: 

Quipo 4-Seater Dining Table: It provides flexibility in seating arrangements. Without dedicated chairs, it makes a useful item that saves your space. It offers a mix-and-match option. For example, you can use a combination of benches, stools, floor cushions, or even poufs for a more relaxed and casual dining experience. You can also go with a 2 seater dining table of the same model according to your requirement.

Solid wood dining table 6 seater: You will be surprised that our Tale, Deck, and Woodera sheesham wood dining table 6 seater come without chair options. It becomes a centrepiece in your dining area, drawing attention to its unique features and aesthetic appeal. However, to enhance the appearance of a dining area, add a spark of marble dining table 4 seater or 6 seaters. 


Which type of dining table is more resistant to moisture and humidity, sheesham wood or engineered wood?

Sheesham wood dining tables tend to be more resistant to moisture and humidity compared to engineered wood dining tables. As it has a natural resistance to moisture, making it suitable for dining tables. It can withstand spills and humidity without warping or losing its structural integrity. 

What is the advantage of Solid wood material?

Though there are many advantages of solid wood but some of the prime ones are as follows; its durability and longevity, as it is made entirely from natural wood, providing strength, stability, and a timeless aesthetic appeal.

What are the finish options available for solid wood dining tables?

Teak, Honey, and walnuts are the three best finishes for a natural and warm look.

What makes sheesham wood a sustainable choice for dining table construction?

Sheesham wood dining tables are environmentally friendly as sheesham trees are known for their fast growth. Replenishing the wood supply relatively quickly, and the wood is often sourced from responsibly managed forests or plantations. Never forget, they are durable, long-lasting, and can be recycled, reducing waste.

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